Player of the Year Tracker: Petteway new No. 1

With a couple weeks left in the regular season, there’s a new No. 1 in my latest Big Ten Player of the Year Tracker. That man is Nebraska’s Terran Petteway, who knocks Devyn Marble out of the top spot. Agree? Feel free to enter your thoughts in the comment box at the bottom of the post.

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1. Terran Petteway, Nebraska – 45%, 18.4 ppg, 5.0 rpg, 1.6 apg, 0.9 spg, 0.7 blk. If people still aren’t buying Petteway as a top candidate here, well, I’m not sure what more he can do. The Big Ten’s leading scorer has poured in 29, 26 and 23 points the last three games and is averaging 22.2 during Nebraska’s five-game winning streak. Put Indiana, Michigan State or Ohio State on his jersey, and he’d be getting a lot more POY chatter.
Last week: No. 2

2. Nik Stauskas, Michigan – 49%, 17.0 ppg, 3.4 rpg, 3.5 apg.
It sure looks like Stauskas is over his slump. Even with the five-game funk, in which he averaged 10.2 points and three turnovers, the sophomore has Michigan in first place. Even better: Stauskas has torched his rivals. In three games against Michigan State and Ohio State, all wins, he’s shooting 59 percent and averaging 19.7 points.
Last week: No. 4

3. Devyn Marble, Iowa – 41%, 16.6 ppg, 3.5 rpg, 3.2 apg, 1.8 spg. Relax, Iowa fans. Yes, I’m aware Marble just registered a sweet 21-point, 11-assist effort. Thing is, Marble was on top of my list the previous two weeks because he was the best player on what looked like a Big Ten title contender. Iowa is on the outside looking in following Saturday’s home loss to Wisconsin, which dropped it to 2-5 vs. ranked foes this season.
Last week: No. 1

4. Gary Harris, Michigan State – 42%, 17.9 ppg, 4.3 rpg, 2.8 apg, 2.0 spg. A week ago in this space, I urged Harris to start attacking the basket and stop shooting so many 3-pointers. He promptly went out and drained 10-of-22 (45 percent) from distance at Purdue and Michigan. I’ve got nothing to critique this week.
Last week: No. 3

5. Yogi Ferrell, Indiana – 42%, 17.7 ppg, 2.8 rpg, 3.8 apg. The Hoosiers have lost six of their last nine games, however Ferrell is averaging 17.2 points and 3.2 assists during the team’s extended rough patch. It needs to be said again, Ferrell’s assist numbers would be much better if he had more consistent scorers around him.
Last week: No. 5

Others considered: Aaron White, Iowa; Adreian Payne, Michigan State; D.J. Newbill, Penn State; Sam Dekker, Wisconsin; Frank Kaminsky, Wisconsin.

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Tim Rife on 2/24/2014 @ 3:56pm EDT Said:

The numbers don’t lie as he rockets to the hoop and he doesn’t hog the ball, plus he is a gadlidator on defense! Petteway!

Kevin on 2/24/2014 @ 4:02pm EDT Said:

Stauskas over Petteway because of efficiency. He’s a much more efficient scorer than Petteway. Stauskas slumped because teams had to focus their entire defensive strategy around him. There aren’t teams doing that to Petteway. Stauskas lives for the moment. Look at games at Wisco, OSU, MSU and vs. Iowa and MSU.

theotherbigone on 2/24/2014 @ 4:12pm EDT Said:

That’s faulty reasoning – Nebraska is even farther on the outside looking in so, with that reasoning, Garry Harris or Nik Stauskas should be at the top since they are probably the only two out of this group to be on a “contender” team.

gbrnfm on 2/24/2014 @ 4:23pm EDT Said:

“Stauskas slumped because teams had to focus their entire defensive strategy around him. There aren’t teams doing that to Petteway. ”

Have you watched Nebraska play this year? Who are defenses focusing on when they play Nebraska if it’s not Petteway? He is the leading scorer in the B1G, I would have to imagine coaches are basing their defensive gameplan around him.

Sven on 2/24/2014 @ 4:25pm EDT Said:

This seems to be a one week glance at the entire season. Michigan versus the top 6 in B1G is 7-2, Nebraska is 2-4. In games vs the top 6 Stauskas 16.6ppg and 51% FG, Petteway 16.2ppg and 43% FG. Its great that NEB having a good season but I wouldn’t give a guy player of the year because he stacked his stats against the bottom 6. I think the stats there pretty much speak volumes. I don’t know how other players compare but that was 1v2 on your rankings and #2 clearly comes out on top IMO.

    Brent Yarina, Senior Editor on 2/24/2014 @ 4:29pm EDT Said:

    I pointed out how good Stauskas has been in big games, against rival teams. The thing keeping Stauskas from top spot on my list is the extended slump he encountered. Regardless of competition, Petteway hasn’t had a slump. He’s been consistent all year, the lone exception being the five-point dud in the loss at Michigan.

Rowland Ormsby on 2/24/2014 @ 4:41pm EDT Said:

Petteway is a very good player but he should not be considered for player of the year. A player on a non-contender should have to be miles ahead to be the POY. He is not. Nebraska and thus Petteway had zero expectations and zero pressure compared to players like Stauskas and Harris, who have the spotlight on them all the time. I’ll take the Canadian Carbine.

Shawn on 2/24/2014 @ 5:05pm EDT Said:

I am having troubles understanding some of the comments here about why Petteway should not have the top spot and they all seem to boil down to the team rankings. This is PLAYER of the Year and not TEAM of the Year. Nebraska lacks an inside presence which is part of the reason the team isn’t better as a whole. How can you take away from what Petteway has done for the team to put them where they are, especially when they were picked to finish last in the Big 10?

John Lowenberg on 2/24/2014 @ 5:17pm EDT Said:

Thing is, Marble was on top of my list the previous two weeks because he was the best player on what looked like a Big Ten title contender. Iowa is on the outside looking in. Check the standings, Nebraska is not even in contention. I’m not arguing that Petteway doesn’t deserve to be talked about because he is a darn good player, but Marble to third because of where they stand in the conference is a weak argument.

bigtengrad on 2/24/2014 @ 5:17pm EDT Said:

Rowland, that is the worst argument against Petteway I have read. What TEAM the guy plays for should not influence the PLAYER of the year consideration. If he was wearing the putrid maize uniform for home games, that makes him a better player and more deserving of an individual honor??

Ryan on 2/24/2014 @ 5:29pm EDT Said:

I guess my question is what constitutes a POY? Is it the best player overall or is it the player most valuable to his team? if its the top player overall then I’m not sure the quality of the team they play for should be a factor. Or is it a combination between all three? (skill, importance, team success). I don’t know the answer, but to me they are different people. UM is probably going to win the league and Stauskas is the best player on a team of great players…so does that make him the guy by default? On the other hand Petteway is the focal point on a team that has no other star players, and he is leading a team to their greatest success in decades. Which is better? I’m curious how people approach this award.

Gary on 2/24/2014 @ 5:31pm EDT Said:

Stacking the stats against the bottom? LOL. If Petteway had near the recruited talent around him that the Michigan squad has, Nebraska would be winning the league. Truth of the matter is that Nebraska is winning and Petteway is leading the league measuring up to the ankle of UM’s recruiting power. This team has heart and Petteway is the pulse. If you can’t give him that recognition, then you have no business offering your maize colored opinion.

Todd on 2/24/2014 @ 5:45pm EDT Said:

The last time I wasn’t a requirement to be on a B1G title contender to be B1G POY, Brent.

The most consistent, productive player in the B1G this year has been without question–Devyn Marble of Iowa. He’s the only conference player to have scored in double figures in EVERY B1G game this season. He hasn’t had a single “bad” game this entire season.

He’s the leader of an Iowa team that is one of only TWO teams in Div I who have no losses against teams below the Top 20 in RPI.

POY should be the player who’s played at the most consistently high level the entire season. No other player on this list can make that claim over Marble.

    Brent Yarina, Senior Editor on 2/24/2014 @ 6:17pm EDT Said:

    I don’t know, take a look at Petteway’s season numbers. He has been extremely consistent. And, of course, you don’t have to be a title contender to win Big Ten Player of the Year. That’s simply my reasoning for why Marble dropped, because a big reason I had him at No. 1 was the fact he had Iowa in the title chase.

Joe Ehle on 2/24/2014 @ 5:55pm EDT Said:

Um, Devyn Marble did absolutely nothing to diminish his standings!

Frank on 2/24/2014 @ 6:29pm EDT Said:

Your blurb on Gary Harris is a little misleading. Yes, Harris made 6/9 threes against Purdue, which of course is great, but it was also against PURDUE.

In a game that actually mattered, he fell way short. Yes, Harris had 21 points against Michigan, but he only made 7 of 17 shots (4 of 13 threes), including 3-4 absolutely wide open clanks from deep that could have drastically changed the course of that contest.

Kevin on 2/24/2014 @ 6:42pm EDT Said:

Stauskas’ slump doesn’t look quite as bed when you consider that his 9 pt showing against Nebraska also had 8 assists. He took on the role of facilitator and controlled the game.

Petteway is a volume scorer. He puts up a lot of shots and scores a lot of points. However, it’d be naive to overlook the Ass/TO ratio .57 compared to Stauskas’ 1.84. Petteway has 5, 6 and 8 TO games in Big Ten play and fewer assists. He’s perfect for the Nebraska team he’s on, but he certainly wouldn’t be getting the same opportunities (shots, possession usage) on MSU, Iowa, Wisco, or UM

B1Gfan MI on 2/24/2014 @ 6:55pm EDT Said:

I’am mildly surprised that Caris Lavert has no mention here. His production offensively during the B1G season has been consistantly good in every aspect. Defensively, he might be the best player on the court. Depending on how the next 4 games go, he certainly deserves consideration!

murray on 2/24/2014 @ 7:09pm EDT Said:

Petteway doesn’t have the supporting cast that the contenders provide, yet he’s still on top of the stats. take any of your other pics, and put them on a team like nebraska,, I doubt you’d even know who they were then.

Burt on 2/24/2014 @ 7:23pm EDT Said:

Interestingly, the top 4 on this list each play 2-guard and go predominantly head-to-head in matchups. Obviously, Petteway has the least talent surrounding him compared to the other contenders on this list, so it’s tough to look at wins for this POY award, as it’s not TOY (team of year). Petteway had 20 and 12 to Marbles 15 and 8, Petteway and Stauskas each averaged 11.5 in their two matchups, and Petteway had 23 to Harris’s 18 in their game. One thing giving Petteway a good chance here is that despite leading the league in scoring, he is/was probably best known as a ferocious defender, and will likely make the all B1G 1st team defense (or something is very wrong!). Petteway is also the best rebounder of this group. Most well rounded, plus leads league in scoring, plus leading hottest team (winners of 7 of 8) = Current favorite for B1G POY.

Bill on 2/24/2014 @ 7:35pm EDT Said:

Don’t understand the argument that Pettaway doesn’t play for a contender Nebraska is half a game back of Iowa so neither does Marble!

dhaedetour on 2/24/2014 @ 8:57pm EDT Said:

John Schurna should have won then in 2011-2012. If your team does not make it to the tourney the player should not be given consideration for player of the year,unless stats are significantly better…as in record breaking.

bob on 2/24/2014 @ 10:12pm EDT Said:

Dropping Marble because of the team standings is by far the most flawed thinking I have seen this year. You said it was poy!

    Brent Yarina, Senior Editor on 2/25/2014 @ 12:09am EDT Said:

    It is Player of the Year and not MVP, but team success goes into it. The difference between Marble and Petteway, in my mind, is that I think Marble might be hurt in the voting if Iowa doesn’t turn it around. The Hawkeyes entered the season with huge expectations, lived up to them and got a lot of people on their bandwagon in the process. People are jumping off that bandwagon – probably a little too early for that.

    Petteway, on the other hand, entered the season with no expectations, as did the Huskers. Nebraska is one of the best stories in the Big Ten, if not the best, and in this weekly feature that helps Petteway’s case.

    Who knows how the coaches and media will vote. This is just one opinion. I’m sure you could ask four people and get four different top candidates.

Negele Farrah on 2/25/2014 @ 3:52am EDT Said:

This is a no brainer.
This best overall efficiency belongs to Nik Stausas.
He is shooting nearly 50%, better than all the top scorers in the league.
He is shooting 44% from the three point line, better than Harris’, Marble’s and Ferrell’s overall shooting.
He is shooting 81% from the foul line and has made more foul shots than Harris has attempted.
He leads his team in minutes played, scoring, assist, effciency, three point shooting, foul shooting and the best perimeter shooter in the league.
In five wins over MSU, MSU, Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio State, he averaged 21.6 points shooting nearly 60% and three of those games were on the road.
In a blowout of Nebraska too just 3 shots, scored 9 with 8 assists and he didn’t need to score.
He has been the Big 10 POW three times already.

bob on 2/25/2014 @ 7:05am EDT Said:

you say it is player of the year but team success plays into it. Now answer why? It is player of the year. I and others are confused

Travis on 2/25/2014 @ 8:29am EDT Said:

I am voicing something that has already been said, but Brent, your argument that Marble drops because of the fact that the Hawkeyes probably won’t win the Big 10 this year becomes moot when you put a player on a team in the low middle of the pack in the Big 10 at your top spot. Marble has been the most consistent of these players. They are still a top tier team in the Big 10. He has scored double-digits in every Big 10 game.
Iowa has 3 games between now and Sunday. All against lesser competition. If Iowa wins all 3, will you then move Marble back up. I think most people had Iowa at about 12-13 wins in conference, and that would put them at 11-5 with two to go. Do you move Marble back up then?

Josh on 2/25/2014 @ 10:14am EDT Said:

Even though I am a Michigan fan, Petteway deserves it. He has only had 2 games in which he didn’t score in double digits (vs. South Carolina St. And @ Michigan) which is a similar reason to why Burke got it last season. Also, he may be the most surprising player. The other candidates are great players though.

HuskerRed on 2/25/2014 @ 11:48am EDT Said:

Not going to lie, as a long time Nebraska Basketball fan, it is just nice to be in the conversation. Last time this happened it was when Tyronn Lue was here. Don’t even want to say how long ago that was!!
I think the biggest thing that determines this award is how the players/teams finish the year. If huskers win 3 of last 4 with one of those being Wisconsin, it would be hard not to vote Petteway as POY. Go Skers!!!

Negele on 2/25/2014 @ 1:40pm EDT Said:

Marble has been the most consistent player?
He is shooting 41% overall and his free throw shooting has been between 69% to 72% all year.
Nik Stauskas was the MVP of a tournament in Puerto Rico and Michigan finished second.
Stauskas was the national player of the week, the only Big 10 player to do that.
Michigan won three straight games against ranked Big 10 teams and he scored 23, 19 and 26 points while shootng great in those wins.

    Brent Yarina, Senior Editor on 2/25/2014 @ 3:17pm EDT Said:

    Northwestern’s Drew Crawford won national player of the week, as well. I believe it happened the week after Stauskas.

Negele on 2/25/2014 @ 1:48pm EDT Said:

Don’t compare Pettway this year with Burke last year because it’s not even close.
Burke was one of the three best players in the country last year and you can’t say that about Pettway this year.
Burke and Michigan was a missed tip in from winning two straight Big10 titles and Nebraska isn’t close this year.

Negele on 2/25/2014 @ 1:57pm EDT Said:

Peope are now trying to say how great Michigan’s talent is and fail to realize who was projected to be their star players.
Mitch McGary was thought to be the star and he has been out with his back most of the season.
Robinson has been inconsistent.
I don’t recall any experts saying Stauskas and LeVert would be their best players when the season started.
Walton and Irvin are freshmen who have been up and down all year.
Horford and Morgan are not threats offensively or defensively.
So where is all the stacked talent?

Rowland Ormsby on 2/25/2014 @ 4:08pm EDT Said:

In response to some of the critical comments, I stand by my opinion that a player on one of the top teams should be favored if the stats are very similar, as they are here. If Petteway were averaging clearly superior stats, he would get the nod from me. He is not. I look at the award as an MVP kind of award, which always goes to a top player on a top team, barring a terrific performance by somebody on one of the also-rans. For example, if you hit 36 HRs and 131 RBIs for an also-ran, you are not likely to beat someone with 33 HRs and 126 RBIs for the pennant winner. Voters factor in the fact that the latter player was playing in pressure games that really mattered. Obviously, this is a matter of opinion. I also think most coaches would take Stauskas or Harris over Petteway if they were building a team. Regardless, congratulations to Petteway and the Huskers for greatly exceeding expectations this year.

HuskerRed on 2/25/2014 @ 7:30pm EDT Said:

What if the huskers finish in top 4 of the conference? Would anyone’s opinion change then on petteway then? Just a question because they are only a half game out 4th!!

Dave Dorn on 2/26/2014 @ 7:20pm EDT Said:

POY imo is between two players at this time and only 2. Stauskas is pretty clutch gamein and out, but Lavert’s improvement has taken a lot of expectations off of Stauskas, so the need for his #’s in scoring has gone down. Pettaway has a lot less help around him therefore his overall #’s will and need to be higher for his team to be as successful has it ‘s become. Marble is good, but with all the talent around him who couldn’t be good, yet Iowa is as bad as or as good as Nebraska whom has a whole heck of a lot less talent on their team. Harris not this year, and probably Payne is their best player and most dominating player in the conference. My pick would be Pettaway, and unfortunately we only have a team and no real standouts, usually why On Wisconsin is so successful.

Todd Skochdopole on 2/27/2014 @ 7:27pm EDT Said:

Petteway is a great scorer, but last night vs Illini he had a bad night and it showed. He is not an MVP. Nic and Yogi elevate their teams play and are overall players…D, rebounds, assists, leadersip.