Ohio State, Craft make young boy's dream come true

If you’re a sucker for those Make A Wish features – who isn’t, really? – you’ll love this piece on how the Ohio State basketball team helped make a young leukemia survivor’s dream come true. Prior to Ohio State’s game vs. Minnesota on Saturday, the Buckeyes hosted A.J., a young Aaron Craft fan from Orlando. A.J. spent shootaround with his hero and the Buckeyes.

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Jim Bryant on 2/22/2014 @ 8:01pm EDT Said:

What a cool story. Craft is great

Lee Caryer on 2/23/2014 @ 12:12am EDT Said:

won’t play

Chaz on 2/23/2014 @ 4:04pm EDT Said:

Craft is a great kid and role model. I just don’t understand all the hostility pointed at him in some blogs.