Decade-by-decade Mount Rushmore of B1G Hoops

It was just last week when I released my team-by-team breakdown of who would make the Mount Rushmore of Big Ten basketball players.

This week, let’s go ahead and take it one step further. Here is a decade-by-decade look at which Big Ten stars would land on my Mount Rushmore, starting with the 1960’s and counting up to current day.

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Cazzie Russell, Michigan (1963-1966)
Jerry Lucas, Ohio State (1959-1962)
Terry Dischinger, Purdue (1959-1962)
Rick Mount, Purdue (1967-1970)

Fun Fact: Rick Mount was the first high school athlete to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Scott May, Indiana (1972-1976)
Magic Johnson, Michigan State (1977-1979)
Mychal Thompson, Minnesota (1974-1978)
Kevin McHale, Minnesota (1976-1980)

Fun Fact: Scott May, and son, Sean, are one of four father-son duos to each win an NCAA Basketball Championship.

Nick Anderson, Illinois (1987-1989)
Steve Alford, Indiana (1983-1987)
Isiah Thomas, Indiana (1979-1981)
Glen Rice, Michigan (1985-1989)

Fun Fact: Glen Rice holds the all-time NCAA Tournament scoring record, putting up 184 total points during the 1989 tourney.

Calbert Cheaney, Indiana (1989-1993)
Mateen Cleaves, Michigan State (1996-2000)
Jim Jackson, Ohio State (1989-1992)
Glenn Robinson, Purdue (1992-1994)

Fun Fact: Calbert Cheaney has scored the most career points in Big Ten history with 2,613.

Dee Brown, Illinois (2002-2006)
Deron Williams, Illinois (2002-2005)
Evan Turner, Ohio State (2007-2010)
Alando Tucker, Wisconsin (2002-2007)

Fun Fact: Dee Brown and former Michigan State star Shannon Brown played on the same high school team together, Proviso East in Chicago.

JaJuan Johnson, Purdue (2007-2011)
Draymond Green, Michigan State (2008-2012)
Trey Burke, Michigan (2011-2013)
Robbie Hummel, Purdue (2007-2012)

Fun Fact: Draymond Green is one of three players in Michigan State history with over 1,000 points and 1,000 rebounds.


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Bob on 2/21/2014 @ 6:10pm EDT Said:

Ronnie Lester. Iowa

Pete Wyatt on 2/21/2014 @ 8:03pm EDT Said:

What Bob said, Ronnie Lester should be on the 1970’s list.

chad on 2/21/2014 @ 8:20pm EDT Said:

Ronnie Lester, Roy Marble, Andre Woolridge. Fun Fact: You never watched Iowa

Steve on 2/21/2014 @ 8:40pm EDT Said:

Robbie Hummel? Really?! What Purdue fan made this list?

denny wessel on 2/21/2014 @ 9:08pm EDT Said:

No Johnson or Fred Brown off the undefeated Iowa Big Ten team in the 70s. Shame

denny wessel on 2/21/2014 @ 9:10pm EDT Said:

agree with Bob. Lute Olson referred to Ronnie as the best point guard he ever coached

Jack Sheard (@jacksheard) on 2/21/2014 @ 9:48pm EDT Said:

Victor. O. La. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeep ooooooooooooh. Should be there.

Jason Amburgey on 2/21/2014 @ 9:49pm EDT Said:

Not even one of the Fab Five member…..OK.

james on 2/21/2014 @ 10:00pm EDT Said:

Chris Webber, number 1 overall pick, 2 final fours…most dominant player of the decade….not on the list?

james on 2/21/2014 @ 10:01pm EDT Said:

Sullinger belongs on the list before oft injured Robbie Hummel

Chris on 2/21/2014 @ 10:05pm EDT Said:

Chris Webber? Shawn Respert? Mike Conley?

Kegler on 2/21/2014 @ 10:07pm EDT Said:

Glenn Big Dog Robinson…hands down best player I have ever watched play live!!

Scott Meyer on 2/21/2014 @ 10:18pm EDT Said:

Don Nelson and Downtown Freddy Brown from IOWA!

Emily on 2/21/2014 @ 10:40pm EDT Said:

Scott Skiles, MSU

Trevor D. Wilson on 2/21/2014 @ 10:47pm EDT Said:

GOT TO GIVE THE PEEEE-PELLLLLLLLLLLLLL!, Give the people, What they want!! they wanting some jalen rose on this list

BMOHR on 2/21/2014 @ 10:55pm EDT Said:

I agree with Chris on Respert, not Conley though. And Mateen Cleeves over Chris Webber, Jalen Rose OR Juwan Howard??? BULLSHIT.

Dale Scott on 2/21/2014 @ 11:04pm EDT Said:

Melvin McCants-80’s, Steve Smith-90’s, Chris Webber-90’s, BJ Armstrong-80’s deserve strong consideration

Steve Davis on 2/21/2014 @ 11:04pm EDT Said:

Ronnie Lester, Downtown Freddy Brown, Don Nelson, John Johnson

Matt on 2/22/2014 @ 12:30am EDT Said:

There’s no member of the Fab 5 because they were all stripped of their achievements. No cheater belongs on this list.

matthew on 2/22/2014 @ 2:05am EDT Said:

no morris peterson or jumping johnny green?

Wags on 2/22/2014 @ 2:29am EDT Said:

How is Pat Knight not on this list?

Melody Jensen on 2/22/2014 @ 2:40am EDT Said:

No Sully?? No Mike Conley?? No AARON CRAFT???

Jose Delgado on 2/22/2014 @ 2:52am EDT Said:

Walt Bellamy for the 1960s? Not having him on this list is a complete joke.

Christopher Hosfelt on 2/22/2014 @ 7:11am EDT Said:

agree with everything except the 90s. No Fab Five member?! Thats ridiculous! Jalen and Webber both were better than all but Big Dog. Mateen Cleeves was the most overrated player in B1G history

jim on 2/22/2014 @ 8:24am EDT Said:

The list seamed to be a little Illinois bias.

Chaz on 2/22/2014 @ 12:39pm EDT Said:

These lists always prompt debates about who got left off, but no way Robbie Hummel should be on here.

Spartan in Los Angeles on 2/22/2014 @ 4:23pm EDT Said:

Glad to see Mateen on that list, there is a reason CWeb is not on it but Ed Martin passed away before he could testify .

The ES on 2/22/2014 @ 8:10pm EDT Said:

Chris Webber received $250K to play for Michigan. He wasn’t an amateur. Put him on an NBA list.