Video: Siblings ready for Kiss Cam at Gophers game

Turns out, the Minnesota fans in the YouTube video below are siblings. So, when the Kiss Cam feature came on at a recent Minnesota hockey game, the brother was ready with a homemade sign in the event he and his sister were put on the big board. They were, and the brother revealed the sign.

This is a good lesson for anyone going to a sporting event with a sibling. Kiss Cam is very popular, and you don’t want to be booed for not playing along.



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Joe on 2/18/2014 @ 5:30pm EDT Said:

That wasn’t staged at all eh?

hadley smith on 2/18/2014 @ 7:43pm EDT Said:

rhe guy who originally posted this video said it wasn’t a set up. He supposedly proved it by showing a pic of his minn gophers pass and I guess was part of the video tm that shot it. (The pic of his pass and the video was on FB) So, who really knows..