Big Ten Rewind: Watch all of last week's top moments

By now, we all know the past week was a crazy one on the Big Ten men’s hardwood. There were upsets all over the place, and the craziness resulted in a logjam in the standings, pretty much from fourth to 12th place. Want to read more about the wild week? Do so here and here. Or, just watch our latest installment of Big Ten Rewind in this post. Enjoy!


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terry on 2/3/2014 @ 2:24pm EDT Said:

first up, I;’m a iowa hawkeye fan barr nothing. with that being said. the big ten is way over rated in basketball, I said it from the very start, but enjoyed the ride while it lasted. seems like the big ten was playing its best basketball at the preseason tournaments. now all the other top teams in the nation are all getting better and better. theres no way, except for some major upsets that any big ten team will/can beat any of the top 10 outta top 15 rated non big ten teams at this time in the season. doesn’t look good for more than 4 teams getting to the big dance. and none of them advancing to the elite 8. praise the lord……………. I’m wrong..this week will tell the tail for the hawks. they falter playing teams that fast break and play a tight defense like their own, and if that’s not bad enough, they lost their 3point shooters while the other teams are killing us with 3s. not for freethrows made against Illinois they would have smothered us. I’M GONNA KEEP CHEERING/SCEAMING NO MATTER WHAT for the HAWKS.

Mary Brennan on 2/3/2014 @ 3:36pm EDT Said:

Nebraska beating Indiana-never thought I’d see the day!