Twitter: @FauxPelini and his cat are back in the news

Twitter: @FauxPelini and his cat are back in the news

Earlier this month during the BCS title game, Bo Pelini “won” Twitter by tweeting at his parody account, @FauxPelini, to ask for his cat back. Read more here. Three weeks later, the cat featured in the fake account’s photo is back in the news.

Sort of. You see, Nebraska recently tweeted a picture of a cat on Pelini’s desk. Why? For fun, and as a way to promote the @FauxPelini-Reddit Ask Me Anything feature.

Read @FauxPelini and HuskersAthletics’ responses to fans’ questions here.

The highlight? That would have to be this interaction with @FauxPelini:

Q: Would you rather fight a Bo Pelini sized cat or a cat sized Bo Pelini?
A: Bo Pelini is sort of a Bo Pelini sized cat already, so I’d probably say the cat sized Bo Pelini. I wouldn’t want to give that thing a rabies shot.

And, of course, there was this picture as a result of the question.

HuskersAthletics had fun, too, hyperlinking to a timeless meme.