Former B1G players perform Star Spangled Banner

Former B1G players perform Star Spangled Banner

Former Ohio State Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George will always be remembered as one of the top running backs in Big Ten history. But did you know that George has quite the singing voice as well?

As part of a promotional add for Metlife, the naming sponsor of the site of Super Bowl XLVIII, George joined former Ohio State star Nick Mangold and former Nebraska kicker Josh Brown in performing a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

I have to say, Brown is the most impressive of the group, although George and Mangold held their own as well. This is surprisingly good and probably not what you’d expect if someone told you that a group of current and former NFL players were getting together to sing the Star Spangled Banner.

Justin Tuck, Emmitt Smith and Greg Jennings also took part in the video.

Enjoy Big Ten fans!

Credit USA TODAY’s For The Win’s Chris Chase for the discovery of this video.