Branden Dawson breaks hand, out four-to-five weeks

Injuries have been an ongoing issue for Michigan State’s men’s basketball team this season, but this one is the most bizarre of them all. MSU junior forward Branden Dawson will miss four-to-five weeks after breaking a bone in his right hand. Dawson said the injury was caused after slamming his hand on a table in frustration during a Thursday morning film session.

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Senior big man Adreian Payne has missed four straight games with a foot injury, which means the Spartans could be without their two starting forwards when they host No. 21 Michigan on Saturday at 7 p.m. ET.

Dawson is averaging 10.2 points and 8.7 rebounds per game this season.

Watch Dawson discuss how the injury happened:

And here are some of Dawson’s top plays from this season:





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Brian on 1/23/2014 @ 5:47pm EDT Said:

Just as he is finally starting to live up to his potential. I guess missing the rest of your season is a tough way to learn a lesson. This goes without saying, but we need that guy to win a title. MSu’s chances of winning an NCAA title just took a major hit, and without him or Payne the game against UM seems like a likely loss.

Spartan in Los Angeles on 1/23/2014 @ 8:36pm EDT Said:

The seasons not over they invite 64 teams to the dance. I will take a break and come back to this site when everyone is healthy. Go green

Spartan in Los Angeles on 1/23/2014 @ 8:38pm EDT Said:

Back on this site March 1 be strong and heal up AP and BJ

Bob on 1/23/2014 @ 9:49pm EDT Said:

Genius move, Dawson.

Ben on 1/24/2014 @ 9:17am EDT Said:

Izzo is cursed to only ever win one title. Ive thought it in years past, and this just proves it. You don’t come into the season with a team like this, expectations of National Title or bust and be this plagued by injuries.. and now one as random and “freak” as this… without it being in the cards that you are cursed. Such high expectations for Dawson 2 years ago… and so much of it has been thrown away due to injuries.

Need to split the UofM/Iowa games to have any shot at the conference title and a 1 seed. More realistically could be looking at 2nd-4th in conference and potentially slipping to a 4/5 seed depending on how long Payne is out. Expecting this team to be cohesive come March is somewhat laughable.

Edward Scheinfeldt on 1/24/2014 @ 5:21pm EDT Said:

This presents a great opportunity for another player to really step-up and fill-in for Brandon.
We will just have to watch and see if someone rises to the occasion.
This is why bench players need to be ready to play. We all know the occasions occur. We just don’t know when.

Mike D on 1/24/2014 @ 6:24pm EDT Said:

Edward Scheinfeldt, good comment. GO GREEN and SPARTYON !!!