Watch our Sam Dekker 'Journey' segment

Watch our Sam Dekker 'Journey' segment

Sam Dekker is one of the Big Ten’s top players. Did you know he also really likes to rap? On Sunday night’s premiere of “The Journey: Big Ten Basketball 2014,” Nigel Hayes told us this about his star teammate: “I really believe he’d rather be Eminem than LeBron James, if he could pick.” Watch one of our show’s segments on Dekker in this post.

We also learned that Dekker’s new hairdo is the result of hearing about how bad his hair was last season.

“Last year, I had the worst hair, maybe, in the Big Ten,” Dekker said. “It was shaggy, moppy, it was everywhere, and it just looked awful when I played.”

And now, Dekker’s a hair diva.

“He’ll spend 10, 15 minutes before a game making sure, you know, he’s got the right 16 hairs poking up in the right spot,” Hayes said.