Twitter: Bo Pelini tweets at his faux account, @FauxPelini

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Bo Pelini has surprised us a couple of times in the last year. It all started with Nebraska’s Harlem Shake video, and then there was the cell phone prank he played on his team. Neither compares to what the coach did during Monday night’s BCS title game. It’s true, Pelini tweeted at his popular faux Twitter account (@FauxPelini), asking for his faux cat back, the one featured in the account’s avatar.

Check out the entertaining exchange below:

Shocked by the tweet, @FauxPelini thinks he’s in heaven.

Then, moments later, the accounts responds to Pelini.

Classic! My question: how long had Pelini planned a potential tweet to his faux account? Regardless, he didn’t disappoint, evidenced by the ridiculous number of retweets and favorites the tweet received.

If you’re on Twitter, you need to follow @FauxPelini. The handle is funny, witty, sarcastic, everything you want in a Twitter account. If that doesn’t sell you, maybe its 65,000-plus followers will.

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JP on 1/7/2014 @ 10:09am EDT Said:

Coach Pelini is evil and has no sense of humor. He yells on the sideline in a manner completely different than Saban, Stoops, Muschamp, Meyer and the Brian Kelly. Just ask the media. They’ll tell you.

JP on 1/7/2014 @ 10:09am EDT Said:

How’s that for sarcasm? 😉

Adam on 1/7/2014 @ 10:50am EDT Said:

It’s al about execution.

Dan Oliverius on 1/7/2014 @ 9:20pm EDT Said:

We don’t give a hang about the media, and neither does Bo because he’s got better things to do like coach a football team in Division I and the Big Ten Conference, things that only Faux-People could only imagine if they had any imagination at all. If anybody can do better, I’d like to see them do so. Time for the nuts to just shut up and let the coach do what he does best — coach, not Tweet.

John L McGlade on 1/7/2014 @ 10:27pm EDT Said:

Hey JP, maybe he should more class like Iowa,s basketball coach. You left him out of your sarcasm!