DiNardo: 'Why can't Michigan play Ohio State in September?'

Michigan State and Auburn both started the season unranked and went on to go 12-1 and win their respective conferences. So, why did the Tigers get the BCS title game bid over the Spartans? Other than the fact they play in the SEC, of course? Gerry DiNardo said on Tuesday’s #BTNLive that it has to do with how the Big Ten schedules. DiNardo’s recommendation? Play more big-time September night games. Watch the segment here.

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As DiNardo said in the video:”The perception of the SEC (is) you get a good glimpse of them in September, because they’re playing conference games in September. Florida State has been headed for the national championship game since they beat Clemson in September. When was the last Big Ten game that the nation watched in September?”

Touche, Coach.

Then, DiNardo dropped this bold idea: “Why can’t Michigan play Ohio State in September?” I know, because we never have! But it’s possible that it would change the perception of the Big Ten. Why don’t we have big, visible games at night in September?”

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It could only help, and, to be fair, the Big Ten has added a few September conference games to future schedules. But, DiNardo is referencing this season and past ones.

What’s the so great about playing conference games in September? The benefits are plentiful. It gives teams a chance to make an early statement, to get in the national title discussion early on, and it lessens the blow of a potential loss for a contender, as it’s always better to lose early than late, among other things.

Do you agree with DiNardo?


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Ron Thomas on 1/7/2014 @ 8:04pm EDT Said:

To me the game is a November game – though I believe he is correct with regard to an important game played in September, or two of them. My opinion is to schedule out of conference with power programs from another conference.

Matt on 1/7/2014 @ 9:45pm EDT Said:

Is the Iron Bowl played in September? No. Most big time SEC games are played later in the year; therefore, no OSU/UM until year-end

Monte Bainter on 1/8/2014 @ 1:00am EDT Said:

I’m an Iowa fan, but I would have to say, it wouldn’t be the same. Michigan-Ohio St. game should always stay where it is. Let’s instead, schedule stronger out of conference games and play at night in prime-time. That’s the best way to change the perception of the B1G IMHO.

Faygo on 1/8/2014 @ 9:41am EDT Said:

He said OSU/MSU, not OSU/UM, which will always be at year end. His idea works for this Spartan, although in 2014 we’re on the road against Oregon in the second game, which is plenty of visibility.

Grant on 1/8/2014 @ 10:07am EDT Said:

Yeah play Michigan in Sept and then play chatanooga in November…sounds like more fun.

Moonunit on 1/8/2014 @ 3:26pm EDT Said:

If changing the schedule doesn’t favor Ohio St., then it will never happen. They’d rather play the sisters of the cloth U. to pad their wins.

John on 1/10/2014 @ 12:15pm EDT Said:

No to UM-OSU in September, but yes to playing conference games earlier. The SEC plays conference games in Week 2, and then when OSU is playing teams like Wisconsin & Michigan back-to-back near the end (see 2012), SEC teams are then playing the weak FCS team on the schedule 7 days prior to the big rivalry game. Imagine OSU-MSU and UM-PSU in Week 2 or 3, but then OSU plays Kent State and UM plays EMU/CMU/WMU the week prior to the Game.

Rick Ford on 3/31/2014 @ 3:13pm EDT Said:

And when does Auburn play Alabama every year………