Video: Pete Thamel, on Bill O'Brien's future

Penn State’s Bill O’Brien is a hot commodity, and he’ll remain that way as long as he stays at Penn State. Last year, NFL teams inquired about O’Brien following his remarkable job in leading the Nittany Lions to an 8-4 season. Reports indicate there will be more NFL executives pursuing O’Brien this offseason. And the fact O’Brien recently had the NFL buyout in his contract lowered only fuels that notion.

Watch our interview with SI’s Pete Thamel discussing O’Brien’s future above and see our team’s thoughts below.


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jerry petersen on 12/23/2013 @ 7:12pm EDT Said:

i know bill o brien is leaving. it is only a matter of time . at 15 and 9 penn state will not tolerate this after the paterno era. bill o brien is learning that big ten football is a lot harder than he thought

jerry petersen on 12/23/2013 @ 7:20pm EDT Said:

bill o brien is playing both ends of the fence its only a matter of time before he jumps over the fence and goes to an nfl team

shookwriter27 on 12/23/2013 @ 11:02pm EDT Said:

I wish these things would be settled sooner. This could disrupt Penn State as well as other schools.

    jerry petersen on 12/24/2013 @ 4:10pm EDT Said:

    bill o brien is going to do best for bill o brien. penn state took a big gamble hiring him as a head coach. but after the paterno nightmare they had to do something in a rush manner which is not the best choice. penn state needed to keep the football program going. paterno almost killed a national monument and he is the blame he was the head coach and he did nothing he should have been arrested on the spot and imprisoned for life.

John on 12/24/2013 @ 12:05pm EDT Said:

Jerry, God are you a moron. Do you realize he is dealing with 51 scholarshipped players? I would love to see how good of a coach that clown in Columbus would be with that type of depth and numbers.

    jerry petersen on 12/25/2013 @ 12:15am EDT Said:

    john you are an imbecile. o’brien is using penn state as a stepping stone. the minute he gets a better job opportunity he will be gone.penn state might not have the same number of recruits that ohio state or the other big ten teams have but the penn state football record is getting worse from o briens first lucky year. when o brien continues to go downhill he will bolt.
    the result why o brien did so good his first year at penn state was because other teams underestimated his team. they lost to virginia that year and penn state in years past would never lose to virginia. the big thing i noticed about penn state was the defense. o brien is a good offensive coach but you must play offense and defense o brien is one dimensional.
    i never seen a penn state team take a beating on defense like ohio state gave them what was it 60 points? you do not know your ass from your elbow

tallygal on 12/25/2013 @ 11:44am EDT Said:

I wouldn’t pay attention to anything written as poorly as these posts by J. Petersen.

    jerry petersen on 12/25/2013 @ 9:37pm EDT Said:

    tallygal the truth hurts. i know for a fact now that i head the nail on the head because you are mad really mad. this tells me a lot thank you