Let's watch 2013's top 10 B1G football games

The holidays can be a time for reflection, so over Tuesday, Dec. 24 and Wednesday, Dec. 25, BTN is airing our top 10 Big Ten football game from the past season. Five games air on Tuesday and the other five air on Wednesday. Over the past week BTN viewers and BTN.com readers voted for their favorite games, then we compiled the top 10 list.

No. 10: Dec. 24, Noon. Nebraska at Michigan – 11/9/13 | WATCH HIGHLIGHTS
No. 9: Dec. 24, 2 p.m. Wisconsin at Ohio State – 9/28/13 | WATCH HIGHLIGHTS
No. 8: Dec. 24, 4 p.m. Penn State at Wisconsin – 11/30/13 | WATCH HIGHLIGHTS
No. 7: Dec. 24, 7 p.m. Nebraska at Penn State – 11/23/13 | WATCH HIGHLIGHTS
No. 6: Dec. 24, 9 p.m. Ohio State at Northwestern – 10/5/13 | WATCH HIGHLIGHTS
No. 5: Dec. 25, noon Michigan at Northwestern – 11/16/13 | WATCH HIGHLIGHTS
No. 4: Dec. 25, 2 p.m. Northwestern at Nebraska – 11/2/13 | WATCH HIGHLIGHTS
No. 3: Dec. 25, 4 p.m. Ohio State at Michigan – 11/30/13 | WATCH HIGHLIGHTS
No. 2: Dec. 25, 7 p.m. Michigan at Penn State – 10/12/13 | WATCH HIGHLIGHTS
No. 1: Dec. 25, 9 p.m. Ohio State vs. Michigan State – 12/7/13 | WATCH HIGHLIGHTS


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Faygo on 12/23/2013 @ 11:25am EDT Said:

Only FOUR appearances by Michigan, and one by the Big Ten champs? C’mon, Big Ten Network – you need to do better in catering to the Wal-Marters, don’t you?

Chuck on 12/23/2013 @ 12:43pm EDT Said:

What the hey? Not one Iowa game? Are you kidding me?

Dick Allen on 12/23/2013 @ 1:11pm EDT Said:

I see Ohio State gets Four (4) Michigan gets Three (3)

And the Big Ten Champs Michigan State Gets ONE (1)

Taint Fair You must be either Ohio State or Michigan Grads What say you????

maw on 12/23/2013 @ 1:12pm EDT Said:

30% of these are NU games. This, I would guess, isn’t usually and normally, I’d be thrilled but all these games were losses. What does this say for the ‘Cats program?

Sigh. Next year has to be better, right?

Gary Schmude on 12/23/2013 @ 2:54pm EDT Said:

What is with the anti-Wisconsin bias?

Jim VanderWilp on 12/23/2013 @ 3:13pm EDT Said:

I can not believe that the undefeated Big ten champs only has one game on the top 10 list. Mich., OSU has four games and PSU has three games. Sparty still can not get any respect.

Aaron on 12/23/2013 @ 3:15pm EDT Said:

Big Ten Champs get their final game aired yet Michigan gets practically their whole season. MSU went 11-1 during the season including an impressive win against Michigan. It wasn’t close so network deems it not suitable to air.

Matt on 12/23/2013 @ 3:22pm EDT Said:

Michigan State had a great year. Not many upsets or close games on their part. It’s definitely appropriate that the number one game goes to them. What other games could you possibly nominate? U of M? Maybe, but it wasn’t even close.

Bryan on 12/23/2013 @ 3:22pm EDT Said:

This list is ridiculous, only 7 of the 12 Big 10 teams are present.

John on 12/23/2013 @ 3:26pm EDT Said:

Hey MSU fans, stop complaining. Your team won all of its Big Ten games by double digits, including the champinship game. These are the best games of the year, the games that went down to the wire. MSU went undefeated in dominating fashion and you’re going to Pasadena. Relax.

Matthew McNiece on 12/23/2013 @ 3:28pm EDT Said:

I’m appalled by your bias against so many great games. Minnesota’s win vs. Nebraska. Iowa vs. Nebraska. Minnesota vs. Northwestern. Stop kissing the ohio state and Michigan asses and be objective.

Carol on 12/23/2013 @ 3:38pm EDT Said:

How about one game from everyone ? Just ssaying. (Wisconsin fan)

Hans67 on 12/23/2013 @ 4:08pm EDT Said:

Let’s have a review of BTN’s pre-season ranking of Big 10 football players

    Brent Yarina, BTN.com Senior Editor on 12/23/2013 @ 4:39pm EDT Said:

    Here you go!

    1. Braxton Miller, QB, Ohio State
    2. Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan
    3. Taylor Martinez, QB, Nebraska – HURT
    4. Ryan Shazier, LB, Ohio State
    5. Venric Mark, RB, Northwestern – HURT
    6. Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State
    7. Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State
    8. Devin Gardner, QB, Michigan
    9. Chris Borland, LB, Wisconsin
    10. Max Bullough, LB, Michigan State

Brandon on 12/23/2013 @ 4:12pm EDT Said:

Boy, NU fan is gonna HATE the next two days!!

jjd on 12/23/2013 @ 5:31pm EDT Said:

UNREAL!! This bias is ridiculous BTN! As a conference we actually have more AMAZING games than just OSU and Michigan games. MSU, our conference champs, with a single game!? Your preseason prediction for Minnesota was what?? No B1G wins!! Right…ask Nebraska, Northwestern, Indiana and Penn State how that worked out for them!! Wisconsin is going to the Capital One Bowl…yet only a single game in the top 10. Both Iowa and Minnesota are in Bowl Games and no representation! Pffttt!!

Matt on 12/23/2013 @ 5:53pm EDT Said:

As an MSU grad, agree with John’s comments. MSU shouldn’t be on this list, none of our games this year were that interesting, mostly due to the fact we won the Big Ten in dominating fashion. Michigan, while they weren’t very good, did have interesting games to watch. I have no problem with this list, except that I’d put Penn State and Michigan at number one, and OSU at Michigan at number 2. I don’t think MSU and OSU was number 1.

Faygo on 12/23/2013 @ 6:01pm EDT Said:

Don’t see the name Dennard on that preseason top 10 list. Oops.

Dave on 12/23/2013 @ 8:25pm EDT Said:

Well, looks like I will not be watching any BTN on the 24th. It’s becoming normalcy to skip over this channel anymore.

jjd on 12/23/2013 @ 9:47pm EDT Said:

OPPS, my bad…Wisconsin is mentioned twice!

Michael A on 12/24/2013 @ 1:23am EDT Said:

Four U-M games? May as well call it “Under-Achiever Week.”

Tom H on 12/24/2013 @ 9:45am EDT Said:

Everyone complaining about the lack of MSU games-It is a list of the “best “games. MSU won every game by double digits. Not surprising there are not more games on here.

Darwin on 12/24/2013 @ 10:05am EDT Said:

Wow, The two programs that seem to always be left out is Iowa and Michigan State.
I have almost decided paying for the Big Ten network is not worth it all I see anymore is Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska…..Time to save some money.

Jeff Schnipkoweit on 12/24/2013 @ 10:27am EDT Said:

Unfortunately this was compiled by viewers and readers which WOULD give a bias slant to more populated states and large institutions. This allowed the BTN staff to say “Hey, you voted for it” while still getting the same results as if they did it. I would think the IOWA/michigan game was entertaining enough to get another view. Michigan ST definitely deserves more playing time since they EARNED it.

Chris N Kirsten Fleck on 12/24/2013 @ 10:32am EDT Said:

Iowa vs Northwestern or Iowa vs. Michigan don’t make the list? Why?

George on 12/24/2013 @ 12:18pm EDT Said:

I thought Iowa at Nebraska game was fun to watch. Not sure how the top is made though…

David Lindenmuth on 12/24/2013 @ 1:40pm EDT Said:

Really BTN? No Akron vs Michigan?

Dave on 12/24/2013 @ 1:45pm EDT Said:

Let’s call it the BIG 2 Show
featuring OSU & Michigan!

Terri Szukhent on 12/24/2013 @ 1:45pm EDT Said:

I agree that if this is really the Big Ten Network, then you should be showing games that represent ALL the Big Ten teams, not keying on the favorites of um and OSU. What a croc!!!!! (MSU fan here!)

scott on 12/24/2013 @ 2:15pm EDT Said:

BIG TEN what a joke no favoritism here you go ahead and boost about OHIO STATE AND MICHIGAN maybe its time for the other teams in the big ten to leave and form their own league and leave Ohio State and Michigan for you and then lets see how much power and money you have then you do a great disservice to loyal fans who you are more than willing to take their money from football and basketball as well as all other sports what are you gonna do when they stop giving you their hard earned money. GO HAWKEYES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

will on 12/24/2013 @ 2:23pm EDT Said:

@Faygo – that’s what happens when you win all your games by double digits. nobody wants to rewatch domination.

hawkguy on 12/24/2013 @ 4:11pm EDT Said:

Whats the definition of BIG game?
Iowa vs michigan was a big game, won in the final seconds, so it would also be fun to watch..

Leroy Powell on 12/24/2013 @ 4:15pm EDT Said:

Texas Tail wagged the Big 12 dog…..A&M and Missouri left for the SEC….replaced by TCU and West Virginia. How’s that working out for them ?? Ohio State and Michigan wagging the BTN….You have lots of TV sets there, but let’s see what happens to your overall ratings as time passes. You will need more than Michigan and Ohio to keep the network alive.

Rll 6888 on 12/25/2013 @ 12:05am EDT Said:

I guess I should expect that the BIG TEN actually only consists of Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Nebraska. So It would seem that you’ve only progressed from the BIG TWO and Little Eight to the BIG FOUR and little eight. The number of teams has changed but your narrow scope has stayed the same. How do you expect this conference to get the respect that is given the SEC and Pac-12? I’m through watching your programs because there are more than 4 schools that need exposure for recruiting. Those are your Big Ten, not what programs the rest of us have ties to. It seems ratings are more important than fairness and equality.

Rick on 12/25/2013 @ 7:58am EDT Said:

As a marketing exec, I get the UM/OSU skew, but you are missing opportunity to GROW share and revenues with Wisky, MSU, Minnesota, PSU and Iowa. These are compelling teams and fan bases. Get out of the 1970s Bo/Woody mindset.

Ronbo on 12/25/2013 @ 9:46am EDT Said:

Wow, we really cater to Michigan,(Who SUCK). Where is Iowa vs. Ohio State, Iowa vs. Northwestern in OT??? Iowa vs. Michigan. Share the respect.

Robert Newman on 12/25/2013 @ 10:45am EDT Said:

Before anyone else makes a stupid comment, they should read Matt’s and John’s comments. Michigan State was the BIG’s best team but frankly they didn’t have that many interesting games. Generally this is a good list – a few games could have been taken out and others put in. Without a doubt the most interesting game of the year was Michigan at Penn State. Yes it was two 7-5 mediocre teams but I’ll definitely watch it again!

Robert on 12/25/2013 @ 12:56pm EDT Said:

Nebraska, the real NU, was in too many close games. I’m glad we won them because having them air again would be heartbreaking. MSU fans should be happy they are barely on this list. To be on the list means you didn’t necessarily play a great game. Dominating games or getting beat up on don’t make this list. I wish NU didn’t make this list for the right reasons

Faygo on 12/25/2013 @ 2:45pm EDT Said:

OK, those that mentioned that MSU wasn’t that interesting as they beat down every team by double digits have a point. Still, I could watch that 29-6 crushing of UM over and over again. Has Devin Gardner ever gotten his pants cleaned of those grass stains?

maw on 12/26/2013 @ 6:07pm EDT Said:

Robert said: “Nebraska, the real NU,…”

I thought it was called the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Am I right? If so, that makes it UN@L. Unless it’s some weird form of dyslexia, I’ll never understand how you get NU out of that.

NU. Northwestern University. Since 1851. Go ‘Cats!