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Tammi Kircher on 12/21/2013 @ 10:20pm EDT Said:

Who are the BTN announcers tonight for this match?

budgerfan on 12/22/2013 @ 5:41pm EDT Said:

Yeah, enjoy Hogeye fans.

turkiniowa on 12/23/2013 @ 3:01pm EDT Said:

Oh! We will, ”Bad Germ Fan”! LOL. I think Ashton’s kind of a dork. He grew up about 35 miles away from me & went to a high school in our conference. Don’t know where Mila’s from but think she’s a hotty—-and I’m an old fa*t!

Todd Truax on 12/23/2013 @ 4:39pm EDT Said:

Who cares?

budgerfan on 12/23/2013 @ 11:06pm EDT Said:

Kind of a dork, I bet Demi sent him to bed without dinner if he ever acted up.