MSU's Mike Sadler has some Heisman Trophy fun

MSU's Mike Sadler has some Heisman Trophy fun

If you’re someone who seeks out the funniest athletes to follow on social media, look no further than Michigan State’s Mike Sadler. The Spartans’ junior punter takes the term of being an All-Star on and off the field to a whole new level, especially when it comes to his clever and humorous tweets.

With the Heisman Trophy presentation set to take place tonight in New York City, Sadler took to twitter, asking current invitees and the official twitter account of the Heisman Trophy (@HeismanTrophy) about his invitation to the event, or lack there of.

Here is a tweet from Sadler earlier today as college football’s stars began to arrive at the prestigious event.

The tweet already had more than 100 retweets and favorites within 30 minutes of it being posted.

Here are four tweets that Sadler sent out to Heisman finalists AJ McCarron, Tre Mason, Johnny Manziel and Jordan Lynch back on Dec. 9.

Of course Sadler wasn’t actually invited to the Heisman Trophy presentation, but if there was a trophy presented to the most entertaining college athletes on social media, no doubt about it, Sadler would be on the top of the invite list.

Enjoy, Spartan fans.