Did you see this: MSU Rose Bowl Movie trailer

How excited are Michigan State fans for the 100th annual Rose Bowl? If this video is any indication, the answer is VERY excited.

Watermark Pictures, a California-based company, recently created a movie trailer-style video for the upcoming 2014 Rose Bowl game, featuring Michigan State and Stanford.

Check it out.

My favorite part – The closing remark “We’re in for one wild night,” followed by the Rose Bowl matchup graphic.

Enjoy Spartan fans!

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Scott Westerman on 12/13/2013 @ 6:00pm EDT Said:

That video work is the artistry of Micah Brown at Second Wind Creative. He’s a KU grad who has done some amazing work for MSU. Watermark’s remix proves that one plus one = 300. Go Big Ten!

J. Y. on 12/16/2013 @ 1:55pm EDT Said:

The number of views the trailer received dwarfs the other clips combined. It’s too bad he had it pulled. You’d think he’d want the exposure.

Scott Hampton on 12/17/2013 @ 5:56pm EDT Said:

It’s back up with over 91,500 views! SPARTA!!!