Video: 'Film Session' with Michigan State's Harlon Barnett

What makes Michigan State’s stingy defense, well, so stingy? The unit is strong and talented at all three levels, to be sure, but BTN analyst Howard Griffith feels there’s no more important group than secondary coach Harlon Barnett’s defensive backs. Or, as Griffith calls them, the “unsung heroes” of the Michigan State defense. Watch Griffith’s “Film Session” with Barnett in this post.

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Here’s a quick statistical look at how dominant the Spartans are.

Michigann State Defense

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Mark on 1/1/2014 @ 4:51pm EDT Said:

Gamecocks game ball to Andy ludwig! After pummeling SC front 7 for 2.5 quarters your start throwing on first down and then, bring in a a 185 tb to run wildcat, WTF!?

For all the respect I have for GA off the field, his staff let his kids down as anyone dould see by mid third q that SC dline was very tired and UW OL was in control.

I hope GA fires this OC, easy to see why this guy has a new job every 2-3 years

Mark- Houston Texas