Video: Mark Dantonio really wants a hat!

During his postgame interview with BTN’s Rick Pizzo, a jubilant Mark Dantonio calls out for a specific piece of championship gear as his players and assistant coaches celebrate around him on the field. “Hey, give me one of those hats!” Dantonio yells in this video clip.

The Michigan State coach had plenty to be happy about after his No. 10 Spartans knocked off No. 2 Ohio State for the right to play Stanford in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day.

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Watch the video below.

Watch our entire postgame interview with Dantonio here.

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Jerry Kadlechik on 12/8/2013 @ 12:57pm EDT Said:

I have been a Spartan fan for over 50 years. Seen the good & the bad. But last night was really a proud & happy moment for me. I even shed a few tears. Really looking forward to Pasadena on Jan. 1.

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