Bowl Projections: Here's our guy's final 2013 list

Soon the official bowl pairings will be announced. Here are my last projections. The big change is Ohio State falling from the BCS title game to the Orange Bowl, and Michigan State rising to the Rose Bowl. So, the Big Ten will have two BCS bowl teams but will have to wait another year to win a national title.

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Rose Bowl, Jan. 1 (Big Ten vs. BCS/Pac-12): Michigan State vs. Stanford
Orange Bowl, Jan. 3: (ACC vs. BCS): Ohio State vs. Clemson
Capital One Bowl, Jan. 1 (Big Ten vs. SEC): Wisconsin vs. Missouri
Outback Bowl, Jan. 1 (Big Ten vs. SEC): Iowa vs. South Carolina
Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, Dec. 28 (Big Ten vs. Big 12): Nebraska vs. Kansas State
Gator Bowl, Jan. 1 (Big Ten vs. SEC): Michigan vs. Georgia
Texas Bowl, Dec. 27 (Big Ten vs. Big 12): Minnesota vs. Texas Tech

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Billy Shann on 12/8/2013 @ 1:51am EDT Said:

Why is everyone rolling over and not bringing up MSU for title discussion? They’re better than Auburn.

Dave on 12/8/2013 @ 3:03am EDT Said:

NOW is the time for the B1G to step up and WIN their bowl games. SHOW the country that the B1G is NOT as bad as the national media portrays. BEAT THE CRAP out of the SEC…knock them down a few pegs.

Josh on 12/8/2013 @ 3:27am EDT Said:

@ Billy
Many people are projecting MSU to be at #4 or #5 in tomorrow’s BCS rankings, meaining that they will have to sit this one out. If the playoff started this season, they would have had a great chance to be selected to represent the B1G.

LanceHawk on 12/8/2013 @ 7:33am EDT Said:

GO BIg TEN!!!!!

Nathan on 12/8/2013 @ 7:47am EDT Said:

Dave- Iowa is 4-1 against teams in that conference, two wins by 3 TD. Florida, LSU, South Carolina and Missouri all fell to us in the Outback or Cap One, proving their superior depth is a figment.

Billy- That would require a 10 to leapfrog a 3. That’s difficult enough if the 3rd ranked team lost. If both teams win it’s not possible; unprecedented by like 5 or more slots at least.

c on 12/8/2013 @ 8:08am EDT Said:

Thw big 10 cant even be in the same sentence as the SEC stupid.

Dan on 12/8/2013 @ 8:36am EDT Said:

We certainly need to show up in the bowl games. It has been a tough pill to swallow January 2nd listening to all the talk radio stations rip the Big Ten. Part of the issue is the Big Ten continues to get two teams into the BCS, which some other conferences over the years have had just one. When this happens its easier to get a better record in the bowl season, your 2nd best team is not playing a BCS team! It might be in the league’s best interest to have a year when only one team makes it in to the BCS (think about that this year if MSU lost and played vs. Mizzou, and Wisconsin was in outback, do you like your chances vs. SEC better then??).

Not too mention for the Big Ten, the tie-ins with the SEC in bowl games have always made the bowl season tougher on the Big Ten. You have to wonder if every year the Big-12, ACC and PAC 12 had 3 major tie-ins (capital one, outback, gator) with the SEC… How would they fair?

Regardless, it is time to step up!

Nish on 12/8/2013 @ 8:56am EDT Said:

Have you guys not watched any football this season? @Billy – MSU hasn’t played anyone. It’s much easier to go 12-1 when your toughest opponent is Notre Dame. @Dave – The media hasn’t made the B1G look bad, the B1G took care of that by themselves. The B1G went 2-5 in their bowls last season (1-2 vs the SEC) it’s tough to see how they’d fare any better this year.

Doug on 12/8/2013 @ 9:26am EDT Said:

MSU, OSU and UW should all win their bowls, the rest of the big ten bowl games, are toss ups

Buckeye0309 on 12/8/2013 @ 10:30am EDT Said:

Hahaha. MSU better than Auburn? They just barely beat a team that hasn’t played a top 15 opponent since 2006. I was drinkin the kool aid, and I love my Buckeyes, but we are like Boise State of a few years ago except in reverse. Cupcake schedule, except this time everyone THOUGHT we were great. So we believed our own hype. B1G needs to start scheduling tough opponents or we are never going to be a great conference again…we are basically the new Big East and everyone is too scared to say it.

Doug on 12/8/2013 @ 10:48am EDT Said:

hey nish, MSU just beat the # 2 team in the land, try again, and who cares what the bowl record was last year? it’s this year dude

Grant on 12/8/2013 @ 11:22am EDT Said:

Whats funny is Baylor has a tougher “strength of schedule” than any one loss team. Why are they being shut out. Just goes to show you that real stats don’t mean anything to voters, only what they “think” is correct. FSU should beat an overrated Auburn by about 30. and Missouri will lose to the 3rd best team in the BIG if it ends up being that way. But that is why we play the games.

bigtengrad on 12/8/2013 @ 11:29am EDT Said:

Dougie, with wins over UCLA, Oregon, USC, NOTRE DAME, and twice over ASU, I wouldn’t chalk up a win against Stanford just yet. I think you are still high on the smoke fumes from the arson that occured during the riots on campus that apparently happen when MSU wins a conference championship. Don’t act like you’ve been there before, just burn things. I’m sure your assessment on Wisconsin is spot on too if they play Mizzou.

EWatk on 12/8/2013 @ 11:40am EDT Said:

MSU should be in the BCS Title Game discussion just from the way they manhandled OSU in that game among other things!

yeah on 12/8/2013 @ 11:58am EDT Said:

1-6 in bowl games here we come…

Moonunit on 12/8/2013 @ 12:58pm EDT Said:

Chaos in the BIG……Gotta love it. Everyone out here beating their proverbial chests, making blind predictions, and drinking the Kool-Aid of their choice……….Smack talk in january when the smoke clears people……Not you MSU, you can get out of the smoke now. muahahhahaha.
Like it or not, The Big is looking like the new Big East. Their supposed best team in the Conference played a high school non-conference schedule and then got beat in the champ game by a team that was picked 6th in the league pre-season. And that team lost to a miserable NOTRE DAME TEAM!!!!!!! I see another 2-5 Bowl record for the BIG, and the 2 winners may surprise you all.

Jeff on 12/8/2013 @ 1:37pm EDT Said:

Every other projected Bowl lineup has South Carolina vs. Wisconsin in the Capitol One Bowl. Dienhart has had no idea what’s he’s been talking about all year on these predictions.

Don Bennett on 12/8/2013 @ 1:49pm EDT Said:

Nish OSU would kick the crap out of ND so re-evaluate who MSU’s toughest opponent was this year.

Marshall on 12/8/2013 @ 2:00pm EDT Said:

Is everyone forgetting about Oklahoma, we beat OSU and Kansas State, our only losses were Baylor and Texas. We should have beat Texas but didn’t and we defeated the one team that beat Baylor… What bowl game is Oklahoma going to???

kevin on 12/8/2013 @ 2:43pm EDT Said:

You all most have it right. Big Ten teams you have right. Missouri will be in the Cotton bowl South Carolina will be in the Capital one, and LSU will be in the Outback.

Spartan in Los Angeles on 12/8/2013 @ 3:55pm EDT Said:

Like I told Doug, jump out to a 10-0 lead and they won’t know how react like Kentucky playing from behind. Let’s show some love for my Spartan Dawgs they earned this Rose Bowl

Dan Johnson on 12/8/2013 @ 4:23pm EDT Said:

So why does a 18th ranked Okla get a BCS bid-? no way that should be-Oregon should got it at least.- but going with that-why does Nebraska go to Gator? They Travel best in the Big 10 and should at least be in the BWWB against Texas- or even Georgia in a rematch be interesting-Kansas State is not a good draw.

Dan Johnson on 12/8/2013 @ 5:03pm EDT Said:

One does have to wonder where the Huskers would be if they hadn’t lost so many players to injuries, especially offensive line and QB-and a very young defense that got very good at the end-and the Husker’s should have beaten MSU, if not for giving teams like MSU 24 gift points-they out yarded the best defense in the country and only team to have a 100 yard rusher against them-same with Iowa, etc-only team they lost to in reality was UCLA-early in the season.-SO take away all the mistakes and points and the Huskers are probably 11-1 or 11-2-either way, a BCS team. I think they come back next year and win most their games.

Doug on 12/8/2013 @ 7:30pm EDT Said:

Desmond, enjoy the toilet bowl, Georgia is gonna destroy your wolvies

Michael Bowers on 12/8/2013 @ 7:41pm EDT Said:

Big 10 schools please call Kirk Ferentz and get the secret on how to beat the SEC teams.

Tom Olson on 12/8/2013 @ 8:51pm EDT Said:

I am tired of the espn media ripping on the big ten at every opportunity (kind of reminds me of the fox news brainwashing). Anyways they placed all the big ten teams in the bottom top 25 all year so of course it looks like we aren’t beating anybody. We also have gone slightly less than .500 in recent bowl games. Bowl games are supposed to be good matchups thus .500 is normal. Plus we are paired with 3 SEC teams. Also SEC has Miss, Miss St, Tennesse, Arkansas, vanderbilt, these programs all suck and even they get overrated in the polls. It’s time for the big ten media take on the SEC media. Herbstreit is a trader.

Doug on 12/9/2013 @ 5:11am EDT Said:

never mind desmond, M is going to lose to K state in the BBW bowl, funny how all the M fans were making fun of MSU last year for going to it, got to love karma !

Spartan in Los Angeles on 12/9/2013 @ 6:50am EDT Said:

Desmond is just jealous Doug

Go Green

Doug on 12/9/2013 @ 7:06pm EDT Said:

true Magic true