Video: Gary Andersen denied timeout request

If you missed it Saturday, Gary Andersen wasn’t exactly thrilled that he and the Badgers weren’t granted a timeout seconds before Penn State snapped the ball and scored a touchdown late in the second quarter. Leading 14-7 and with Penn State deep in Wisconsin’s red zone, Andersen noticed a mismatch on the outside and sprinted down the sideline to call a timeout. The officials ignored the timeout request, and Christian Hackenberg hit Geno Lewis for an easy 3-yard scoring strike. See the play in this post.

[ MORE: AP: Penn State hangs on, upsets Wisconsin ]

Here’s a shot of Andersen, too:

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

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Feltre on 12/1/2013 @ 1:40pm EDT Said:

Ignored the time out request? The officials were looking exactly where they should have been looking and not at the Wisconsin sideline. The players on the field missed it and Andersen was just too late so don’t blame the officials. This was all on Wisconsin.

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