Minnesota unveils 'Dramatic Gopher' vs. Wisconsin



By now, you’ve probably seen one of the many “Dramatic Gopher” YouTube videos. Only a few seconds long, the brilliant set of videos has millions and millions of views. Its popularity should only increase after the Wisconsin-Minnesota game on Saturday. That’s because Minnesota used the little guy, twice, to taunt Wisconsin kicker Jack Russell.

It worked once (missed 38-yard FG), and it didn’t work the other time (made 20-yard FG). Nothing can work 100 percent of the time, right?

Regardless, this was a fantastic idea and excellent execution.

A Minnesota spokesperson said the team had the “Dramatic Gopher” ready to go since the Big Ten opener vs. Iowa, however Saturday was the first time an opponent attempted a field goal facing the video board.

If you missed it Saturday, there’s no need to worry. The Gophers expect to continue using their new furry friend – it’s actually a chipmunk – in the future.

Watch the video:

h/t: @lostletterman

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bjs on 11/25/2013 @ 1:50pm EDT Said:

It’s not a gopher:

Wayne Krumbach on 11/25/2013 @ 2:09pm EDT Said:

Why would they use a dramatic gopher while attempting a field goal?

Gary Wilson on 11/25/2013 @ 2:35pm EDT Said:

very cleaver…doesn’t say much about sportsmanship…but very cleaver.

jjd on 11/25/2013 @ 3:11pm EDT Said:

SPORTSMANSHIP? Good grief! It’s cute and clever! I’d be shocked if anyone from Wisconsin felt it was anything more than silly‚Ķthese are young adults playing D1 football, not toddlers learning to use the potty!!

Dukester on 11/25/2013 @ 4:44pm EDT Said:

Ha ha, that cracks me up. Not much to it but it’s cute.

Kevin on 11/25/2013 @ 7:43pm EDT Said:

CLEAVER. Im a spartan, but i love it.

Charlie on 11/25/2013 @ 9:01pm EDT Said:

I think it is hilarious. What a great idea. Anything you can do to distract the other team (within the rules) is more than o.k. with me….

Badfan1 on 11/27/2013 @ 12:02pm EDT Said:

Minnesota is going to have to find something more to beat Wisconsin. Bucky owns you guys.

AuRevoir_Gopher on 11/27/2013 @ 12:55pm EDT Said:

IMO this crosses the line of sportsmanship. If this is harmless fun then it needs to go both ways, Minnesota. Minn is good at being sore losers.


Last week’s Paul Bunyan’s Axe fiasco where the Gopher players refused to honor tradition and allow Wisc to “chop” at their goal post. Don’t expect to do it when (more like “if”) you ever beat the Badgers in Madison!

In 2002 Iowa thrashed the Gophers in the Metrodome to finish 8-0 in the Big 10 and the Hawkeye fans (who used to refer to the Metrodome as “Kinnick North”) celebrated on the field by taking down the goalposts. The stadium staff blared loud music and annoying sounds at dangerous decibel levels to try to get them off the field.

The Minn fans have a “We hate Iowa” chant. Classy, real classy. Iowa fans don’t much care for the Gophers either but they wouldn’t dare chant something as unsportsmanlike as that.

Gophs players, fans, coaches, security, etc. should focus on trying to win rather than thwarting the fun of other teams and their fans! If you win, you celebrate. If the other team wins, let them celebrate. I guess Minnesota’s problem is that they haven’t known how to win consistently since pre-1960 (apart from a couple Glen Mason seasons where they padded their win total by fattening up on lowly non-conference competition).

Trey on 11/28/2013 @ 8:01am EDT Said:


Gary Wilson on 11/28/2013 @ 10:27am EDT Said:

My original point about sportsmanship is this…what comes next, exploding fireworks with enhanced sound? It sets a bad precedent and it will only take a week for someone to practice a little clever one-upmanship.

Al Tang on 11/29/2013 @ 2:32pm EDT Said:

Kicker’s name was Jack Russel.. they should have used a barking Jack Russell Terrier on the big screen.