Did you see Michigan's wild last-second FG?

It isn’t often that a field goal can be called wild, but that’s just what Michigan’s last-second kick was at the end of regulation Saturday. Trailing 9-6 and with the clock inching close to zero following a Jeremy Gallon reception, the Wolverines rushed their field goal unit onto the field and somehow managed to get the snap off. The kick, Brendan Gibbons nailed it to send the game to overtime.

Watch the crazy sequence in this post.

Our favorite part of the play: Holder Drew Dileo sliding into position. Michigan went on to win 27-19 in triple overtime.

Watch all the top plays:

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Your Opinion?
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William Bud Mosier on 11/16/2013 @ 7:28pm EDT Said:

Northwestern was screwed!! I played that sequence back in slo-mo frame by frame and the kicker still had his leg back when time ran out. How can that happen in this day when I can prove without a doubt here in my living room that NW got screwed?? Look at it frame by frame and you will see exactly what I mean. I still have it on my recorder!! Good God Almighty! But hey, that was Mighty Michigan wasn’t it??

William Bud Mosier on 11/16/2013 @ 7:39pm EDT Said:

Ok, where the heck is the comments? Hasn’t anyone looked at what I just said?? What I am telling you is an absolute fact..the kickers foot had not made contact with the ball, indeed his foot was still in the back position!! Where is the “guys upstairs”?? For Pete’s sake, NW
won that football game!! Bad..Bad…Bad!!

tony on 11/16/2013 @ 8:06pm EDT Said:

Apparently it is not required for linemen to get set on last second fg’s. Michigan tackle is moving the entire play and another botched job by officials managing the end of game. I hate NW but they got screwed big time. Should have been penalty and clock run off to finish game.

Matt on 11/16/2013 @ 9:02pm EDT Said:

Sorry William, but the ball just needs to be snapped before the time runs out. It does look like he is stepping back but you are allowed to have one player moving before the snap (as long as they aren’t moving toward the line of scrimmage). @tony I don’t see what you are talking about. Your body has to be set, not your head. Northwestern had many chances to put the game away but this is an awesome play. Congratulations to the coaching staff for pulling out a play that most teams couldn’t hope to complete.

Gator on 11/16/2013 @ 9:05pm EDT Said:

Like I’ve been saying all season! MSU vs OSU for the 2013 B1G championship game! GO GREEN!!!!

papaskunkbear on 11/16/2013 @ 9:06pm EDT Said:

It doesn’t matter when the kicker kicks the ball. The ball was snapped with time left on the clock. That is what matters.

It does appear however that the right tackle was moving at the snap. He might have gotten his hand down at the last second, though. I can’t see his hand.

But the bottom line is that Michigan won and everyone else can whine about it.

Neil Feck on 11/16/2013 @ 9:46pm EDT Said:

Did you hear the announcer, did they get the snap off? As long as the ball was snapped to the holder it doesn’t matter if time ran off the clock. It’s not when the kicker kicks the ball it’s the snap. There was one second left when the snap occurred——go blue!

Matt on 11/16/2013 @ 10:07pm EDT Said:

William the kicker’s foot doesn’t have to make contact before the clock runs out; the ball only needs to be snapped. If that was the rule, then Northwestern’s field goal right before halftime would not have counted either.

tony on 11/16/2013 @ 11:10pm EDT Said:

Matt either you haven’t watched the play or you are a Michigan homer. The right tackle never gets set, which is required for at least one second. The tackle moving is indisputable.

    Matt on 11/18/2013 @ 11:26am EDT Said:

    @ Tony watching it live I didn’t get to see. There is movement, but not the tackle. It’s the TE. He does appear to be shifting his upper-body up until the snap. Since he is allowed to be in motion that isn’t a deal breaker, but if the K is moving back at the same time it would be.

    delmar1950 on 11/18/2013 @ 11:51am EDT Said:

    Hey Tony had NW done what they were suppose to do on defense and that was hold on to the passes that Gardener threw to them none of what you’re talking about never come in to play. Teams have to play the full 60 minutes and NW didn’t and that’s that.

Randy Lubbering on 11/17/2013 @ 2:41am EDT Said:

Hard to believe that Michigan line was in a set position and not moving

78lion on 11/17/2013 @ 6:14am EDT Said:

Agree, the key to the play is when the ball is snapped not kicked. It is also a requirement that the line be set for a full second before the ball is snapped. Look at the tackle on the right side of the ball. Never got set. Referienes at work again.

mark on 11/17/2013 @ 6:34am EDT Said:

If the refs at the Wisconsin/Arizona St game would have busted their butts to get the ball set like these refs did Wisconsin may have only 1 loss and ranked where they should be anyway, Top 10.

delmar1950 on 11/17/2013 @ 9:10am EDT Said:

The NW player #24 the guy with hands of stone should have caught the ball the the Mich. QB threw to him and they wouldn’t have lost another over time game to Mich..

It just doesn't matter on 11/17/2013 @ 3:52pm EDT Said:

Cool NW unis! NW D catches gift wrapped INTs and FG is irrelevant.