#BTNLive asks: Who needed a win the most?

If you’re on Twitter, you can vote in our ongoing series of Big Ten Twitter polls for our weekday TV show #BTNLive weekdays at 6 p.m. ET. On tonight’s #BTNLive show, our experts discuss this question: Which team needed Saturday’s win the most? Three answers: #BTNMSU, #BTNNebraska, or #BTNMinnesota.

Also tonight, Mike Hall, Stanley Jackson and Jon Jansen talk to Nebraska WR Jordan Westerkamp and former Nebraska WR Matt Davison, both with famous catches to their name. Columbus Dispatch College Football Writer Todd Jones joins the show to talk about the Buckeyes and the national championship picture.

Select your choice below and tweet out your vote. We’ll be tabulating the hashtag totals all day and throughout the show. The hashtags are:

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huskerfanbb on 11/5/2013 @ 1:44pm EDT Said:

The answer is obviously Nebraska. Minnesota, despite their win over Nebraska, really isn’t in the Legends division picture. Any wins they get from this point on are icing on the cake to get them into a slightly better bowl game.

Michigan State is so far undefeated in the Legends. A nice win over Michigan greatly helps their cause (and really hurts Michigan’s, so that’s an added bonus), but a loss would have hardly been devastating. They would still have been in the driver’s seat for the Legends crown.

Nebraska needed this on many levels. Losing to a reeling Northwestern would have been a huge blow to their already fragile confidence. They badly needed to shift momentum. Finally, a loss would have likely put any hope of the Legends race to bed for good. I don’t know that they have the talent, coaching, or momentum to catch the Spartans, but if they had lost to Northwestern, they might not have won another game all year.

saintpauljeff on 11/6/2013 @ 11:08am EDT Said:

@huskerfanbb nice preface to your comment with the slam on the Gophers LOL obviously you’re still reeling from that loss.

Jeff on 11/6/2013 @ 11:11am EDT Said:

@huskerfanbb obviously you’re still reeling from the Gopher loss based on how you preface your comment.