Photo: See Northwestern's new patriotic uniform

Northwestern will look a lot different when it plays Michigan on Nov. 16. That’s because the Wildcats will be ditching their familiar purple, white and black for a patriotic design. The look, designed by Under Armour, features a monochromatic gray uniform, with plenty of Red, White and Blue accents.

It’s on the NU logos, shoulders, backside of the pants, cleats, gloves and socks. There’s even a red pattern that resembles blood. The helmet is patriotic, too.

Also, as we’ve seen the service academies do in the past, the player nameplates will feature one of the following words: Duty, Honor, Courage, Commitment, Integrity, Country and Service.

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According to Northwestern, the uniforms will be auctioned off with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project.

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Will on 11/4/2013 @ 5:49pm EDT Said:

Husker fan here and I say thumbs up on the look. I heard that most of the NW fans don’t like them but they are pretty sharp to me. Here is wishing NW the best going forward and don’t give up. You are much better than your record indicates. If they didn’t have the injuries they had in previous games, they would be sitting at 6-3 and with one less pass reception they would have been 7-2. The only game they really got beat in was with Wisc other than that, they have been there to the end.

Jason B Hill on 11/5/2013 @ 4:37am EDT Said:

I’d say that this disrespects a good 12 or so of the standards of respect in the U.S. Flag Code: “The flag should not be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery,” “The flag should not be used as part of a costume or athletic uniform,” etc. etc. It’s advertising, and advertising with the flag is also against the flag code. To Northwestern’s athletic department: Get some professionalism and respect.

Combat Vet on 11/6/2013 @ 12:32am EDT Said:

Going to a great cause, as a veteran myself I love these uniforms and as an SEC Florida Gator would like to know where I can buy one. As for the negative Nancies crying about the U.S. Flag Code about it shouldnt be worn as apparel, Soldiers wear them on our uniforms today. Its for a great cause great job on stepping up Northwestern

Mike Johnson on 11/6/2013 @ 7:11am EDT Said:

I think it’s absolutely a cool thing way to go N.W.U. good job

Tom Stejskal on 11/6/2013 @ 2:49pm EDT Said:

I don’t think the American flag should be used as a fashion statement for a college football team. Why the spattered blood? – it doesn’t surprise me with the video game generation designing these uniforms. Does the blood even need to be commercialized as well? Many college football programs are well over 100 years old, let’s not let the over obsession with fashion and logos (Nike, Under Armour and Addidas) of these giant athletic apparel companies dictate time honored uniforms. Nineteen year old boys are of course eager for a new look, but it’s not just about the here and now, it’s about tradition and history as well. Once in a while or for special games I have no problem with alternate uniforms, but let’s not all turn into Saturday afternoon fashion divas – after all this is American football and not a fashion show.
In the case of Northwestern University, I appreciate the patriotic idea, and the profits going to the WWP, but I don’t appreciate the fake strewn on the uniform. Was that an Under Armour idea? War and bloodshed should never be commercialized.

P.s. my heart went out to all the Northwestern University family and fans when the NU Cornhuskers won that game.

Tom in Omaha (Cornhusker fan)

Paul Ruggiero-Smith on 11/19/2013 @ 6:58pm EDT Said:

Enough to make me puke. Nice salute to aggression, murder, death, and debt slavery Northwestern. Seriously disgusting.