Week 10: We predict all six Big Ten games

Every week during the 2013 football season, BTN.com’s Tom Dienhart, Brent Yarina, Sean Merriman and hoops analyst Stephen Bardo, a huge football fan, make their Big Ten picks. We also provide polls for Big Ten fans to select their winners.

Nine weeks down, Bardo and Merriman are tied for the top spot, at 56-12. Big Ten fans are one game off the pace.

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Stephen BardoStephen Bardo (@stephenbardo)
Season record: 56-12
Week 10 picks: Ohio St. 45, Purdue 10; Penn St. 42, Illinois 17; Wisconsin 28, Iowa 14; Indiana 42, Minnesota 41; Nebraska 31, Northwestern 28; Michigan St. 24, Michigan 21.

Sean MerrimanSean Merriman (@BTNSean)
Season record: 56-12
Week 10 picks: Ohio St. 38, Purdue 7; Penn St. 34, Illinois 24; Wisconsin 31, Iowa 21, Minnesota 28, Indiana 24; Nebraska 38, Northwestern 21, Michigan St. 24, Michigan 17.

Brent YarinaBrent Yarina (@BTNBrentYarina)
Season record: 55-13
Week 10 picks: Ohio St. 52, Purdue 7; Penn St. 34, Illinois 23; Wisconsin 35, Iowa 20; Indiana 41, Minnesota 38; Nebraska 38, Northwestern 27; Michigan St. 24, Michigan 17.

FansBig Ten fans
Season record: 55-13
Week 10 picks: See polls below

Tom DienhartTom Dienhart (@BTNTomDienhart)
Season record: 54-14
Week 10 picks: Ohio St. 50, Purdue 7; Penn St. 48, Illinois 29; Wisconsin 31, Iowa 17; Minnesota 35, Indiana 33; Nebraska 31, Northwestern 24; Michigan St. 21, Michigan 13.


Ohio State (8-0, 4-0) at Purdue (1-6, 0-3) – noon ET, BTN/BTN2Go

Listen to Coach Urban Meyer:

Listen to Coach Darrell Hazell:

Illinois (3-4, 0-3) at Penn State (4-3, 1-2) – noon ET, ESPN

Listen to Coach Tim Beckman:

Listen to Coach Bill O’Brien:

Wisconsin (5-2, 3-1) at Iowa (5-3, 2-2) – noon ET, ABC, ESPN2

Listen to Coach Gary Andersen:

Listen to Coach Kirk Ferentz:

Minnesota (6-2, 2-2) at Indiana (3-4, 1-2) – 3:30 p.m. ET, BTN/BTN2Go

Listen to Interim Coach Tracy Claeys:

Listen to Coach Kevin Wilson:

Northwestern (4-4, 0-4) at Nebraska (5-2, 2-1) – 3:30 p.m. ET, BTN/BTN2Go

Listen to Coach Pat Fitzgerald:

Listen to Coach Bo Pelini:

Michigan (6-1, 2-1) at Michigan State (7-1, 4-0) – 3:30 p.m. ET, ABC

Listen to Coach Brady Hoke:

Listen to Coach Mark Dantonio:


Your Opinion?
Show Comments (20 Comments)
Dave on 10/30/2013 @ 5:04pm EDT Said:

Little brother WILL beat up on BIG SISTER!

Gator on 10/30/2013 @ 8:19pm EDT Said:

Been saying it all year! MSU is #1 in the Legends division and has the #1 defense in the Nation! MSU is going to play OSU in the B1G championship game! GO GREEN!!

John on 10/30/2013 @ 8:59pm EDT Said:

I agree with Dave

Doug on 10/30/2013 @ 10:27pm EDT Said:

5 out of last 6, Toussant is going to eat his words, pretty big talk from a mediocre running back. Of course Denard said the same thing and he finished 1-3 vs MSU….

Squeek Eron on 10/31/2013 @ 11:37am EDT Said:

Dantonio makes a fool of Friar Hoke this Saturday. Go Green!

Darren Michael (@HaloKitty343) on 10/31/2013 @ 7:14pm EDT Said:

Go Gophers! Would be a big win for the U if they can get W #7 and be 3-2 in conference.

Joseph R. Hayden on 10/31/2013 @ 7:50pm EDT Said:

Toussant’s just ticked off because Coach D. didn’t recruit him and he had to SETTLE for UM

Craig Bancroft on 10/31/2013 @ 9:44pm EDT Said:

Here’s hoping that the Iowa Hawkeyes prove all the so-called experts wrong on Saturday!

Marcus Frazine on 10/31/2013 @ 10:26pm EDT Said:

Everyone saying that michigan is gonna lose and has no chance your wrong. State only scored one offensive touchdown against wmu and purdue. yea michigan barely beat akron n uconn but they scored offensive touchdowns. and state only had one offensive touchdown against iowa too. they will not be able to hold devin gardner and gallon. oh n btw this is the game where state gives up more than 100 yds rushing… to Toussaint

Jeremy Rieger on 11/1/2013 @ 1:15am EDT Said:

Oh, how great will it be on Saturday when, once again, Michigan puts little brother back in his place. Hope you all are hungry since you will be eating your words, Enjoy the loss, you’ve had enough of them over the years. The only Green that is going to have a good day is Derrick Green. You think Dantinio looks constapated now, wait until he watches the final seconds tick off on a Michigan victory.

Andy on 11/1/2013 @ 12:09pm EDT Said:

Why do you BTN guys keep thinking Penn State’s offense is good? Almost every week you pick them to score 40+ points. Don’t get it.

Max on 11/1/2013 @ 12:42pm EDT Said:

Nice sexist comment, Dave.

Douglas on 11/1/2013 @ 1:02pm EDT Said:

@Marcus You’re delusional and wrong. MSU had 2 offensive touchdowns against Iowa. When it comes to WMU and Purdue, I guess you’re not aware of the fact that teams improve as they play. How many touchdowns did U of M have last year? ZERO. They’ll be facing that same defense on the road. How has DG played on the road this year?

00BUCK on 11/1/2013 @ 2:05pm EDT Said:

I hope for TTUN beats the crap out of the green.. insert envy here) for no other reason than to win one for Lloyd…… I miss the days of Woody an Bo …. signed El Guapo

David on 11/1/2013 @ 2:39pm EDT Said:

Iowa versus Wisconsin…two “soon to be great” young quarterbacks going at it for the first time. Always a good game…too bad somebody has to lose. Hawkeyes in a close one at home. Wish I could be there.

David Engel on 11/1/2013 @ 2:43pm EDT Said:

This is a week of upsets, except for Ohio State and Nebraska.
Dave (not the sexist one who beats up on sisters)

Jeff Bourland on 11/1/2013 @ 8:48pm EDT Said:

go blue

David on 11/1/2013 @ 11:02pm EDT Said:

Iowa versus Wisconsin. Two young but destined to be great quarterbacks will meet for the first time. Hawkeyes will win at home in a nail-biter.

John D. Hinckley on 11/2/2013 @ 12:10am EDT Said:


tim on 11/2/2013 @ 12:15am EDT Said:

i think msu offense will struggle, there defense will dominate early but get tired, michigan run game wills struggle but it will open the passing game and michigan pulls out with an 34-28 win