Check out what Purdue band formed at halftime

At halftime of the Purdue-Michigan State on Saturday afternoon, the Boilermakers’ marching band put on a performance that caught our attention. Motorcycle enthusiasts will find it interesting, too. Yes, the band formed a motorcycle, and it even included “exhaust” for when it moved across the field. It was really cool, and you can watch it below.

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aj carter on 10/19/2013 @ 3:57pm EST Said:

my high school marching band did a bicycle while we played bicycle race by queen at a national marching band competition in Indianapolis and the wheels even turned… where is our national recognition
Davenport Central High School in Davenport Iowa 2008 “Any way the wind blows the music of Queen”

Tracy B on 10/19/2013 @ 9:13pm EST Said:

And we have not school of music! Just a talented school!

NB on 10/19/2013 @ 10:34pm EST Said:

You apparently don’t have an English department either.

Luanne on 10/19/2013 @ 11:19pm EST Said:

AAMB is an awesome band…so proud of my son and his friends who march in this band!

Angela R on 10/19/2013 @ 11:57pm EST Said:

My daughter is out there spinning a flag!!!!
I’m so proud of all of them! Purdue does have the best damn band in the land!

Angela R on 10/19/2013 @ 11:58pm EST Said:

And, NB… That looks more like a typo than a grammatical error… ;)

Luke S on 10/20/2013 @ 4:23am EST Said:

Your link says it was Michigan State’s band.

Jeremy on 10/20/2013 @ 11:14am EST Said:

It says the MSU band in the hyperlink… good job BTN. why do you hate Purdue?

    Brent Yarina, Senior Editor on 10/20/2013 @ 11:31am EST Said:

    We mistakenly had it as Michigan State band at first and corrected the error. Thank you.

Nick Skias on 10/20/2013 @ 1:47pm EST Said:

With that white smoke, it looks like a blown head gasket.

Adam John Boyd on 10/20/2013 @ 1:55pm EST Said:

That is so awesomely best medley for Michael Jackson Tribute!!

Kevin Bradley on 10/21/2013 @ 1:57pm EST Said:

Nice formation, but have you seen the University of Minnesota’s “Mound of Sound”?

Doug Masters on 10/21/2013 @ 7:58pm EST Said:

Bad knock off of tOSU marching band TBDBITL, at least we can make things look like they are in motion, not great but alright for a decent marching band.

Randy on 11/23/2013 @ 6:39pm EST Said:

Doug, as a former member of TBDBITL, it is not Ohio State’s style to ridicule other bands. The Big Ten has all the best bands, Purdue included. Sure, I’m proud of the video game show, Thriller show, Gettysburg show, Hollywood show, etc… But I can appreciate Purdue’s show as well. I enjoyed the chopper, Boilers!

Stay classy, Buckeyes!