Twitter poll: #PennStateWonIt or #MichiganLostIt?

If you’re on Twitter, you can vote in our ongoing series of Big Ten Twitter polls for our weekday TV show #BTNLive weekdays at 6 p.m. ET. On tonight’s #BTNLive show, our experts kick around what they too away from Penn State’s amazing four-overtime win over Michigan. So now you tells us:  What’s your takeaway from Penn State’s 4-OT win? Two answers: #PennStateWonIt or #MichiganLostIt

Select your choice below and tweet out your vote. We’ll be tabulating the hashtag totals all day and throughout the show. The hashtags are:

  • #PennStateWonIt
  • #MichiganLostIt



Your Opinion?
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Mark Edward Thomas on 10/14/2013 @ 6:17pm EDT Said:

Come on, Penn State Won it because they wanted it more. Michigan has been living on the edge and they lost it because they are not as talented as many would make them out to be. Everybody know PSU is vulnerable, but they are a team with nothing to lose so they played that way. Michigan lost to a team that was determined to win, give or take a few breaks. But that is the game and that is why we play it.

Jodi Weber James on 10/14/2013 @ 6:38pm EDT Said:

There are 120 other coaches who would NOT have gone for it on 4th and 1. That was
B O’B making the decision to WIN the game. He could have done what Brady Hoke did and called a play to go for another field goal to play it safe so PSU didn’t lose. But he didn’t. Long gone are the conservative JoePa days. PSU definitely WON that game.