NCAA: 'The Game' is No. 2 college football rivalry

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

What’s the biggest rivalry in college football? recently addressed the topic with a top 5 list. Its No. 1: Army vs. Navy. It’s the No. 2 game on the list, however, that Big Ten fans will find of interest: Michigan vs. Ohio State. Known as “The Game,” Michigan-Ohio State is the lone Big Ten rivalry to make the cut. See the full top 5 in this post.

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Here’s a look at’s top 5:

No. 1: Army vs. Navy
No. 2: Michigan vs. Ohio State
No. 3: Auburn vs. Alabama
No. 4: Florida vs. Georgia
No. 5: Texas vs. Oklahoma

What did say about Michigan vs. Ohio State?

“From Schembechler and Hayes to Meyer and Hoke, these teams have never played for a trophy, unless you’re referring to the 10 Heisman trophies and 18 national championship trophies ‘The Game’ has spawned.”

It’s hard to complain about this list. As great as The Game is, no rivalry tops what Army-Navy bring to the table – even if it isn’t as important to the college football landscape as it once was. The three games behind “The Game” are all fantastic rivalries that would land on just about anyone’s top 5.

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matthew on 10/8/2013 @ 2:08pm EDT Said:

Wow the #1 rivalry is a completely meaningless and boring game. The Yale-Harvard game is better than that one.

Scott on 10/8/2013 @ 3:39pm EDT Said:

I can’t agree with this poll either. Not for a long time has Army-Navy meant anything as a rivalry. Most people don’t even know when it’s played. My dad is a former player at Army and also an alum at Michigan, and he’ll tell you OSU-TSUN is the number one college football rivalry.

Heather Hatton on 10/8/2013 @ 4:49pm EDT Said:

I understand the rivalry between Army/Navy but nothing can top the hatred between Ohio State Michigan and nothing or no one can top Woody and Bo and the Ten Year War!!!! They took rivalry farther than anyone ever could or will! Ohio State Michigan is the top rivalry in any sport ever!!!

Travis King on 10/8/2013 @ 6:26pm EDT Said:

lmfao ncaa morons

Mic on 10/8/2013 @ 7:36pm EDT Said:

Army/Navy can’t come close because neither has had a decent team for years.
Ohio State/ttun on the other hand have been dominating for years. It wasn’t too long ago that the Buckeye’s were ranked #1 in the country and ttun was ranked #2. Now that was a great game!

Marty Tromburg on 10/9/2013 @ 8:11am EDT Said:

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma

David Mollenkopf on 10/9/2013 @ 10:15am EDT Said:

Don’t judge the rivalry based only on national football implications. Army Navy epitomizes a rivalry in every respect. In terms of football, Ohio State / Michigan has always meant more than any other on the list. I think that is a great list and am perfectly satisfied being #2 on 10/9/2013 @ 10:50am EDT Said:

AUBURN? v. Alabama is not bigger than Yale v. Harvard, Nebraska v. Okalahoma, Oklahoma v. Texas, Georgia v. Florida. Auburn is the most inconsistant football team in the history of the NCAA and buys what is a championship every so many years.

Dave on 10/9/2013 @ 1:14pm EDT Said:

So the same NCAA that can’t come up with a penalty on Miami, willfully overlooks the $EC’s violations, hits OSU with scholarship reductions and bowl game penalty, but penalizes Manziel for one half screws up the rankings of the best rivalries? I’m shocked! Wait, no. I’m actually shocked they included The Game in their list instead of putting some random game that’s only been played once in the last hundred years and resulted in a blowout on the list of greatest rivalries.

Mitch Green on 6/3/2014 @ 4:01am EDT Said:

Really? I’ve never seen it.