B1G Mascots get into the BTN2Go action

As part of our new commercial campaign for BTN2Go, we’ve rolled out not just the one 30-second commercial but a number of individual ones. We like these because it gives each mascot a little more face time on camera. And what mascot doesn’t dig that? Check out their Twitter accounts, too.

Watch them all below.

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Wayne Bell on 10/7/2013 @ 3:36pm EDT Said:

I wish to purchase Brutus Buckeye. Are the mini mascots on sale and where. Thank you

    BTN.com staff on 10/7/2013 @ 3:59pm EDT Said:

    Not from here, but we’re certain the school websites sells lots of Brutus items. We’d suggest OhioStateBuckeyes.com. Thanks!

Andrea on 2/18/2014 @ 5:19pm EDT Said:

Was wondering were I can purchase a MSU mini mascot?
Thank you

Don kananagh on 3/22/2014 @ 8:50am EDT Said:

The mini mascots seem like a great idea to sell to the public. Are there any thoughts of merchandising them?

    BTN.com staff on 3/27/2014 @ 10:35am EDT Said:

    Thanks, Don. Not at this time, but if we get news, we’ll post it on BTN.com for sure.