#BTNLive asks: Who can topple Ohio State?

On tonight’s #BTNLive show at 6 p.m. ET, our experts discuss this question against the backdrop of Saturday’s game between Ohio State and Northwester: Which team has the best chance of beating Ohio State – Michigan or Northwestern? You can vote via Twitter by using either of these two hashtags: #NUbeatsOSU or #MichbeatsOSU

Also, tonight: Mike Hall, Howard Griffith, and Glen Mason are visited by Iowa RB Mark Weisman. Our experts recap and analyze Wisconsin at Ohio State and Minnesota at Iowa.  Just how impressive were the Buckeyes? And just how good are the Hawkeyes? We’ll also discuss why a QB change could be in order for the Gophers.

Howard and Glen give us their top 5 Big Ten teams in their weekly power rankings and the guys answer fan questions on Twitter via @BTNLive or #BTNLive

Select your choice below and tweet out your vote for today’s poll. We’ll be tabulating the hashtag totals all day and throughout the show. The hashtags are:

  • #NUbeatsOSU
  • #MichbeatsOSU


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Scott Ludwick on 9/30/2013 @ 3:00pm EDT Said:

#IowaStunsOSU lol

BTN.com staff on 9/30/2013 @ 3:26pm EDT Said:

Braxton Miller was previously scheduled to join today but will not appear. The story above has been changed to reflect that.

Ed Crawford on 9/30/2013 @ 3:57pm EDT Said:

I hope Mr Ludwick is right about the Hawkeyes! If the game was in Kinnick stadium I could see a shot there. But it’s not. Maybe they gain some steam to show us they can beat everyone. but right now they are 4th in my mind and 1st in my Fanatic side!