Video: Pereira, Lepay talk Wisconsin finish on #BTNLive

When there’s a controversial call on the football field, who do you call? Mike Pereira, of course. Pereria gave his ruling on the crazy Wisconsin-Arizona State finish in tweet form Sunday. On Monday night’s #BTNLive, we asked the FOX Sports Rules Analyst to describe what he saw and rule what should have happened in those final chaotic and confusing seconds. Watch our segment with Pereira right here.

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Earlier Monday, the Pac-12 released a statement that reprimanded the officials. senior writer Tom Dienhart wrote a piece on that.

Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez had some strong words for the officials, as well, in a radio interview with

One, for example: “They were very much in a hurry to get off the field,” Alvarez said of the officials. “I would think you’re first job is to get things right.”


Matt Lepay, the voice of Wisconsin football, also joined #BTNLive:


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Leroy Powell on 9/18/2013 @ 3:31pm EDT Said:

Observation: Everyone acts as though this is a common occurrence. I have never seen a similar situation, so I can understand everyone being caught off-guard. Wisconsin burned all their time-outs. They were in a precarious situation….playing on the road. Not a good time to put all your marbles into that kind of a play. The Wisconsin coach may say that he would do it all the same again (publicly) is different than saying to himself “Why didn’t I go ahead and kick the ball ??” Easy to blame someone else when your strategy backfires. If this same thing had happened in reverse at Camp Randall, Wisconsin fans would be telling ASU fans to quit their crying.

Brian on 9/19/2013 @ 8:05am EDT Said:

It should have been ruled a fumble. He did not take a knee so he was not down and could not call a timeout.

    Leroy Powell on 9/20/2013 @ 1:03pm EDT Said:

    I’m not sure,…but, announcers were talking as though there is some obscure rule about “simulating” taking a knee and “giving up on the play”……must be clear of any tacklers. Without those comments, I would be in agreement with you. When you are out of TO’s,….better to have made one last pass for the end zone,….or….just kick the FG. They were far enough from the goal line that the angle was not that sharp.