Special delivery! Football highlights on Twitter

We’ve all had moments during football games where we see something great and exclaim, “Did you see that?” And these days our exclamations can be made across a variety of social media platforms. For some time now BTN.com has posted video highlights from BTN games in progress so that fans can share and relive these top moments soon after they happen. Now that experience is getting even better.

Presented by Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn, our “Did You See This?” features now includes video segments clipped and posted online during live Big Ten football games and made available on Twitter. Here’s an example of a video highlight tweeted out moments after it happened on BTN TV. It’s from a Michigan State game earlier this season:

Follow any or all of the Twitter accounts below to get many of these plays and other plays tweeted to you as soon as they happen. As a rule, @bigtennetwork will tweet our one-of-a-kind, must-see spectacular plays from BTN TV games while each the individual school accounts serve up all of their school’s touchdowns as well as even more great plays.

You can also bookmark the “Did You See This” page on BTN.com to catch up on our top clips later, or find selected clips on BTN’s Facebook page for video as well as on our Tumblr pages.

Here are the accounts to follow on during Big Ten football Saturdays as well as all week long.




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