#BTNLive asks: Which team does ND-U-M game mean more to?

If you’re on Twitter, you can vote in our ongoing series of Big Ten Twitter polls for our  TV show #BTNLive weekdays all season at 6 p.m. ET. On Wednesday’s show, our experts discuss this question: Which team does the ND-UM game mean more to? Vote via Twitter in this very post.

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Editor’s update: This poll is now closed.

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Concerned on 9/4/2013 @ 1:27pm EDT Said:

This one is easy, it means more to Michigan. Notice how Michigan like to claim it has eleven national championships. If Notre Dame counted championships like Michigan, the Irish would run out of fingers and toes, instead, for all their arrogance, they only count those earned by consensus, unlike Michigan.

hadley smith on 9/4/2013 @ 4:59pm EDT Said:

@ Concerned What does this post have anything to do with Nat’l champ.? The question was which tm does this gm mean more to. It had nothing to do with what you said. So to be on point here, I bel. it means just as much for n dame as it does mich. And when mich can beat them, more power to ’em. I also believe that more tms. want to beat n dame than mich. N. dame is prolly the most hated tm in the country. And for a variety of reasons that would take a lot of hands and toes to complete.
BTW…n dame and michigan have the same num. of nat’l championships in ftb….11..so there.

Josh on 9/4/2013 @ 5:29pm EDT Said:


That’s because Notre Dame wasn’t truly the champion in those. They still claim the 1947 championship despite Michigan having it too. One of the unclaimed championships was 2012, you really think Notre Dame won a championship that season? I thought so.

Concerned on 9/4/2013 @ 7:13pm EDT Said:

BTW, if Michigan used Notre Dame’s method for counting, little blue has 5 national championships, not 11. If Notre Dame used Michigan’s method, they would have 27. Big difference. And yes, titles do matter because Michigan has the biggest inferiority complex this side of Auburn. The game means more to Michigan because little brother is always trying to one up big brother.

Born_Green on 9/4/2013 @ 10:57pm EDT Said:

@Josh the same can be said in the game of the century against Michigan State when we shared the Natl Championship