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If Big Ten fans want to attend games, they’ll have to reach deep into their pockets. Big Ten teams occupy three of the top four spots in’s ranking of most expensive average ticket price for 2013.

[ Notre Dame tops nation in college football ticket prices ]

Ohio State has the second most expensive average ticket price in the nation at $246. Michigan is No. 2 at $230, while Nebraska is No. 4 at $210. Other Big Ten teams in the Top 25 are Iowa and Penn State.

Notre Dame came up short in the BCS title game in 2012, but it sits atop this poll with an average ducat price of $294.

1. Notre Dame ($294)
2. Ohio State ($246)
3. Michigan ($230)
4. Nebraska ($210)
5. Texas A&M ($204)
6. Georgia ($188)
7. LSU ($181)
8. Alabama ($179)
9. Iowa ($166)
10. Oklahoma ($161)

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hadley smith on 8/22/2013 @ 6:21pm EDT Said:

What i was surprised at seeing is Iowa at #9 in most expensive tixs. They way they’ve been playin the last few yrs, would make me think they’d wouldn’t even b in the top 10…what about texas..fla. usc just to name a few…thought for sure they’d be above Iowa. (way above)
Well, if Ferentz has another bad yr, the tix for a ia. home gm. won’t avg. that much..tell ya that right now…

WoodyHayes on 8/23/2013 @ 9:31am EDT Said:

Iowa at number 9? I guess I’m not surprised. They gotta pay Kirk’s eight kagillion dollar salary somehow.

shookwriter27 on 8/23/2013 @ 11:12am EDT Said:

These averages aren’t surprising. With these programs there are probably a lot of people on a waiting list for tickets. Given college football is the biggest sport in the state Iowa’s prices aren’t surprising.

C on 8/24/2013 @ 1:26am EDT Said:

Not sure where this info came from but that average price for Iowa must have factored in those indoor luxury boxes and the required seat donation – tickets are no where that pricey – even for the big games