Get a first-look at Wisconsin's new alternate helmet

The Wisconsin football team unveiled a new alternate helmet Thursday that it will wear in Week 2 vs. Tennessee Tech and, possibly, for other games this season. The Badgers revealed the helmet to the players in a YouTube video that is included at the bottom of this post.

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The lid’s design is very similar to Wisconsin’s primary one. In fact, it is the same, only Wisconsin flipped the colors of the shell, facemask and stripe down the middle.

Seeing as how the Badgers plan to wear the alternate Sept. 7 at Camp Randall Stadium, I can’t help but wonder if they will rock an all-red ensemble. Wisconsin has gone red-on-red before (here, here and here), but not with a red helmet.

Personally, I think the lid would look best as a road alternate, paired with red pants.

See the differences below:


Watch the Wisconsin Athletics YouTube video:

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John Murphy on 8/22/2013 @ 12:56pm EDT Said:

Pretty inovative. Someone hit the “invert colors” on their Windows 95 paint program.

glblue3231 on 8/22/2013 @ 6:21pm EDT Said:

looks exactly like Indiana’s helmet…

David Czebieniak on 8/26/2013 @ 12:11am EDT Said:

I like it, Wisconsin should make this the permanent helmet because the current home uniforms of both Nebraska & Wisconsin are too similar given that both schools are going to be divisional mates starting in 2014 (IMO, schools in the same division should NOT have similar uniforms). For away games, the Badgers need to stick with white pants, because red pants would look too much like the Cornhuskers.

For the B1G East Division schools with red color schemes, in order to differentiate themselves, Rutgers should stick with the shiny chrome helmets with the red R (reminiscent of a knight’s battle helm), along with red pants & red jerseys (white jersey for road games). Maryland should utilize their Under Armor connection, and use different uniforms each game. Indiana can keep wearing the same jerseys & pants they currently use, but they should utilize their new alternate white helmet with the extra large red stripe as the permanent helmet.

Charles Wolfe on 8/26/2013 @ 6:55pm EDT Said:

Not much of a change like said just a color flip. How about a bad ass Badger head. White helmet with a white “W” starting at the top of the face opening. The tips of the W ending up at the back of the helmet, SL Rams style. I remember seeing one like this in the 60’s. I like the black shirts. I don’t think we need to go Oregon crazy. With a new coaching staff, maybe a little change would be good. He’s like no coach UW has ever seen. I hope after success we can hang onto him.