Mailbag: Can Wildcats take down Buckeyes?

Our trek across Big Ten country continues, as we’ve now visited 10 of the 12 camps. Nebraska and Iowa, you’re next. Until then, it’s time to dig into my mailbag. Lots of interesting questions as we inch closer to the start of the 2013 season. Keep those cards and letters coming! Thanks!

It seems as if the staff at BTN and the national media are convinced the Big Ten’s future will be built around the return of Ohio State and Michigan to prominence. Is there a reason to believe that schools like Nebraska are going to be mired in second-class status in the future? – Erik

No, there is no reason to think Nebraska or Wisconsin will slide. Rather, it looks like the fortunes of Ohio State and Michigan are just rising rapidly under Urban Meyer and Brady Hoke. Look at the talent procurement. It’s stunning to see what each school is doing in recruiting, which will make it difficult for others to keep pace. Still, just trying to keep pace with OSU and Michigan will make schools like Nebraska and Wisconsin and others better.

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How would you compare Northwestern with Ohio State? Can they beat the Buckeyes when they visit Evanston on October 5? – Joe Wildcat

From 1-85 on the roster, Northwestern can’t match up with Ohio State. But the Wildcats have better front-line talent and depth than at any time in history. After watching the team workout in Camp Kenosha, I was impressed by the athletic ability, especially on defense. Players like Deonte Gibson and Chance Carter were impressive up front. Tyler Scott and Dean Lowry also are imposing on the line. And Chi Chi Ariguzo may be as good as any linebacker in the Big Ten. The Buckeyes still have better overall team speed. And when the clubs meet, OSU will have the most talented player on the field in quarterback Braxton Miller. And that may end up being the difference. But these teams could meet again in the Big Ten title game. Wouldn’t that be something?

Urban Meyer said the 2012 Ohio State offense wasn’t really his (or coordinator Tom Herman’s) style and it was more of a pro-set. Since the Buckeyes led the Big Ten in scoring in 2012, should the team be moving toward more of a spread with the infusion of more players tailored to the attack? – Jonathan

Well, Ohio State was a spread team in my mind last year. I mean, Braxton Miller is the ultimate spread signal-caller when it comes to executing the read-option. There was a lack of a true game-changer aside from Miller, but OSU may have that guy in true freshman Dontre Wilson. Still, I think schemes are highly overrated. This all comes down to the players. Great players can make any scheme look like a genius.

How’s Ohio State running back Rod Smith looking? – Brian W.

Big. Tough. Strong. Good.

In the recruiting process for 2014 for Michigan, I’ve been surprised at the lack of success in recruiting receivers and lack of aggressive interest. Do you think the existing receiver personnel is of the caliber we should expect? – Craig Brown

Well, I’m not sure what you are talking about. According to, Michigan has commitments from two four-star recruits as well as one from a three-star. And the staff has a commitment from a five-star recruit in the 2015 class. Couple all of that with young studs like Amara Darboh and Jehuu Chesson, and Michigan is loaded at receiver for the near future. Plus, there are some nice upperclassmen in Jeremy Gallon, Jeremy Jackson and Drew Dileo. Plus, the tight end spot is becoming a strong area with the likes of Devin Funchess and Jake Butt.

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I really like Jerry Kill as the Minnesota coach. It remains to be seen if he and his staff can recruit at a high enough level to compete for division titles, but there seems to be no doubt he knows what he’s doing on the field. In fact, he reminds me a lot of Kirk Ferentz. I think the Gophers are trending up and look like a 7-5 team this year. Your thoughts? – Tim

I have been on record for some time about my admiration for Kill. I think he’s a terrific coach who has a great staff. In fact, his staff hasn’t changed since he arrived in the Twin Cities. Many of his assistants have been with him for years. Offensive coordinator Matt Limegrover may be the best of all of them. He’s a bright mind and great teacher. The Gophers never will get top-shelf talent; this is a developmental program. And Kill and Co., have proven adept over the years at finding rough gems and polishing them. Be patient, my friend. As for this year, 7-5 would be a best-case record. I think this may be a 6-6 team. And in the future, I think Minnesota will have a good shot to win the Big Ten West.

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reality check on 8/16/2013 @ 11:55pm EDT Said:

I can’t wait to see the look on Doug’s face when Gardner lights up MSUfor 400 yards and six touchdowns on November 2

Ben24 on 8/17/2013 @ 10:43am EDT Said:

Michigan is probably the most overrated team I’ve ever seen. Gardner is not even close to one of the best QB’s in the Big Ten. He will not throw close to 400 yards or 6 TD’s against MSU.

Doug on 8/18/2013 @ 11:49am EDT Said:

Hey Ben,Mark is delusional, last time MSU saw Gardner he ran in circles for 20 seconds and was sacked for a 20 yard loss. Michigan is probably the most overrated team in the nation every year. I can’t believe some of their fans thought they could beat Alabama, what a joke.

JoeW on 8/18/2013 @ 1:48pm EDT Said:

As far as OSU I think that Northwestern poses more of a challenge currently than the game at Michigan. It is at night and being earlier in the season the younger talent (which in many cases is the better talent) will still be developing. By game 12 the younger talent, particularly the speed players (Wilson, Elliot, Clark, and Marshall), will be fully integrated into the offense, and the sophomore D line talent (Washington, Spence, and Schutt) will essentially be juniors. With Michigan’s move to a more pro style offense and the loss of Denard Robinson as a threat, I believe OSU will have an easier time defending the Michigan offense. Denard was the offense in that game minus one pass play in the first half. Looking forward to seeing the season play itself out.

Big Brother on 8/18/2013 @ 2:59pm EDT Said:

Last year our first preseason ranking in the top 25 since 2007, Doug. we were definitely not overrated then. you guys need to take off your Green-colored glasses. Gardner going to be a lot better than that ONE play you mentioned

Big Brother on 8/18/2013 @ 4:50pm EDT Said:

we never had a preseason ranking under Rich Rod is what I mean, and schools like Bama can score at will with a Pro-Style offense, so I see our offense doing just fine against Ohio State now that we have a more balanced attack

reality check on 8/18/2013 @ 5:37pm EDT Said:

We had Alabama on the ropes Doug

Doug on 8/18/2013 @ 10:09pm EDT Said:

Dhani, people like you thought Michigan could beat Alabama. Michigan was overrated as usual, how do you know Gardner is gonna be better, because Michigan beat NW at home on a hail mary? with Denard gone, Michigan loses it’s one big play threat no matter what you think

Doug on 8/18/2013 @ 11:30pm EDT Said:

Mark, when Michigan was down 38-0 how did you feel? And Dhani, comparing Michigan’s offense to Alabama’s, really? HAHAHAHAHHAAH

Big Brother on 8/19/2013 @ 12:18am EDT Said:

I’m not Dhani, Doug, and I never picked Michigan to beat Bama last year, along with 81% or so of Michigan fans who were polled I believe. It’s okay to have faith in your team since the future is not said in stone. It’s called any given Saturday for reason, no matter how tough your opponent is. I find it funny that all of a sudden, once Gardner took over after the Nebraska game, every MSU fan is praising and glorifying Denard after calling him a turnover machine and ineffective against strong defenses throughout his career. he was a great player, make no mistake, but he is replaceable

scott s on 8/19/2013 @ 9:02am EDT Said:

for all you haters on michigan. michigans offense will be alot more balanced and we have a QB that can pass??? defense,s are going to have to stop both now and a whole new offense… so keep saying how michigan is over rated WE WILL SEE???? and im just courious all of you out there saying we are over rated…… who is your team?????????? dont be scared spit it out??? if you are from ohio you want to talk over rated look in a mirror? you have one place to go and thats down???? one lose and your done?

Doug on 8/19/2013 @ 10:27am EDT Said:

OK Dhani, you’re actually being cival so I will be. I haven’t praised Denard as a QB, along with 81 % or so of the MSU fan who were polled I believe. He was however, a speedy player who could change the game every time he touched the ball. With him not in the backfield as a legitamate threat, Garnder will have the full pass rush on along with blitzes cause they know Michigan has no one in their backfield who can do that anymore. FItz stinks, you even know that, and Green is an oversized true freshman who doesn’t have the speed to take it to the house. Lewan is a beast but the rest of the linemen are inexperienced or not nearly as good.