Top 50 most talented college players

Bradley Roby


The best teams typically have plenty of NFL talent. Knowing that, you’ll want to check out this post from Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network. The former NFL scout has ranked his top 50 most talented players in college football—regardless of class.

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South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is No. 1. No shock there.

The highest ranked Big Ten player is Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan at No. 9. Of course, Lewan almost turned pro after last season. The only other Big Ten players on Jeremiah’s list are Ohio State CB Bradley Roby (No. 12) and Ohio State LB Ryan Shazier (No. 14).

For perspective, the SEC has 19 players on the list, with Alabama alone having eight.


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huskerfanbb on 7/19/2013 @ 1:17pm EDT Said:

What a load of bull. He should at least be honest and call the list the top 50 most likely NFL prospects.

Not the same thing.

I’m betting a guy like Braxton Miller, or even Taylor Martinez (who will be be in the Heisman hunt) are among the top 50 most “talented”–but probably aren’t great NFL prospects.

bob jones on 7/19/2013 @ 1:50pm EDT Said:

Have to agree with you huskerfanbb, you can’t leave Miller or Martinez off any top college player list, whether it’s top 20 or top 50, they both belong although neither are currently considered high NFL picks, so it does appear to be more of a NFL prospect list.

TD22 on 7/19/2013 @ 3:09pm EDT Said:

exactly bob, its all about the NFL

man do those husker fans jump out of the woodwork quickly. that always amazes me even as a husker fan. that said, Taylor will not sniff NYC for the Heisman ceremony. Great player who has earned a lot of respect the past couple years, but not a serious Heisman contender. Still needs to bring the turnovers way down and the team needs to at least needs to reach a BCS bowl for him to get an invite. Unfortunately, that has eluded the big red for some time now. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt I am.

Taylor is definitely one of the top 50 most talented CFB players though (without factoring NFL projection).