Athlon predicts Michigan-Ohio State B1G title game

Nov 24, 2012; Columbus, OH, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Philly Brown (10) dives into the end zone for a touchdown in the second quarter against the Michigan Wolverines at Ohio Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE


Get familiar with your team’s bitter rival, Michigan and Ohio State fans. Athlon Sports picks the Buckeyes and Wolverines to meet in the 2013 Big Ten Football Championship Game, meaning the two powerhouse programs would face off in back-to-back weeks (Nov. 30 at Michigan Stadium; Dec. 7 at Lucas Oil Stadium) for the first and last time.

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Athlon predicts Ohio State to sweep its way to the Leaders Division crown, finishing two games ahead of three-time reigning Big Ten champ Wisconsin (6-2). As for Michigan, the magazine pegs it to finish 6-2, tied with Nebraska, and to beat the Huskers on Nov. 9 to claim the tiebreaker and earn the Legends Division’s berth to Indianapolis.

At 13-0, yes, Athlon thinks the Buckeyes will beat the Wolverines on back-to-back weeks. Everyone OK in Ann Arbor after reading that? OK, good.

The rest of Athlon’s predictions are about what one should expect. In fact, it’s really tough to make much of an argument with any of the predicted ledgers.

On second thought, hardcore Illinois and Iowa fans might have a beef with their teams pegged to go 1-7 in conference play. Or do they?

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Doug on 6/6/2013 @ 2:52pm EDT Said:

and Athlon wonders why it loses more and more cridibility every single year. OSU-NEB in the title game.

Common Sense on 6/6/2013 @ 2:56pm EDT Said:

And I predict MSU Doug will be sitting at home watching it.

Autumn West on 6/6/2013 @ 3:05pm EDT Said:

I know the Michigan and Ohio State rivalry is HUGE in the Big 10. Is it true that Michigan and Michigan State is a bigger rivalry??

Go Blue 24/7/365 & 366 on Leap Year on 6/6/2013 @ 3:11pm EDT Said:

It will be Michigan winning in back to back weeks.

Styles* on 6/6/2013 @ 3:51pm EDT Said:

I wasn’t aware that these two schools from the west Division could even play in the Championship?

Doug on 6/6/2013 @ 3:54pm EDT Said:

Hey Dhani, at least MSU has been to the title game ! And Go Blue, Michigan will lose to OSU last game of the year, making it 10 out of the last 11 times, and they will miss out on the title game again ! Fire Hoke !

Doug on 6/6/2013 @ 3:55pm EDT Said:

Styles, that doesn’t start till 2014….

shookwriter27 on 6/6/2013 @ 4:39pm EDT Said:

I think it would be great if Michigan and Ohio State played games two weeks in a row. The second would be awesome. The loser of the first game might just win the Championship.

ukeone on 6/6/2013 @ 6:13pm EDT Said:

Athlon draws straws (meaningless)…NEBRASKA vs. Ohio State…GO BIG RED all the way!!!

Doug on 6/6/2013 @ 6:32pm EDT Said:

Nobody wants to see that shook except for maybe OSU and M fans, Neb is going anyways

Common Sense on 6/7/2013 @ 10:05am EDT Said:

Shook, wants to see MSU and Ohio State just like all nuetral fans, MSU Doug.

scott s on 6/7/2013 @ 12:09pm EDT Said:

listen everybody.. this means nothing its june for god sake.. ohio has only one place to go and thats DOWN… there schedule is very weak of course. things wont be so easy this year for them you will see. remember last year mich. st. was suppose to win it all so much for that ha ha.. you never know what going to happen?? next year. but i will say this dont take michigan for granted it could cost you. it will be a very interesting year. ohio lost all there def. line… so they better come out and prove that?? talk is cheap… honestly as a michigan fan im not sure how we will be this year???? our offensive line has to come together and produce or we are in trouble no matter who is at running back. please dont put so much pressure on green?? go blue.

Will Edwards on 6/7/2013 @ 12:34pm EDT Said:

Michigan is so average. I’d rather play Nebraska in the B1G title game. At least that game would be challenging.

Doug on 6/7/2013 @ 9:42pm EDT Said:

hey mark, that’s not even close to being true, and scott, osu going down? they’ve pounded M 9 out of last 10, look for 10 out of last 11. Will, exactly, OSU-NEB would be a MUCH better big ten title game, once OSU beats M in the regular season AGAIN, that will knock them out of the title game, which means M won’t have made it all 3 years they’ve had it, FIRE HOKE ! HAHAHHAAH

Anthony on 6/7/2013 @ 9:54pm EDT Said:

Michigan will have lost 3 games by the time they play OSU for the first time. UM was overrated and 6 minutes away from being 6-7 last year. I do not get the love for UM all over. They are not good. OSU is heads above, and Nebraska and Northwestern will battle for #2.

OSU 12-0 on 6/8/2013 @ 10:09am EDT Said:

It will be OSU playing MSU in the 2013 B1G championship game!

Doug on 6/8/2013 @ 11:24am EDT Said:

hey common sense, you said shook wants to see MSU-OSU like every nuetral fan. Thank you for saying that, as a Michigan fan, that must have been hard !

Common sense on 6/9/2013 @ 10:37am EDT Said:

That was a typo MSU Doug was texting in the restroom stall

Doug on 6/9/2013 @ 7:00pm EDT Said:

too late, I always knew you were an MSU Fan at heart, even thought they declined your admission.

Aaron on 6/14/2013 @ 12:38pm EDT Said:

Athlon sports just wants to see Ohio State and Michigan in the championship game and that’s why they’re picking them. I think it’s more than likely going to be Ohio State and Nebraska in the B1G championship game. I think Nebraska is going to be better than what people give them credit for especially with so many key returning starters on offense. Plus, nobody in their right mind would want to see Ohio State and Michigan play each other twice in one season let alone in back to back weeks. Let’s hope that that does not happen. Ohio State vs Nebraska in the CCG will be much more exciting and thrilling to watch. Go Bucks!

Justin on 8/5/2013 @ 8:38pm EDT Said:

I just don’t see how everyone can say the OSU is leaps and blinds above UofM. Yes their a good team but let’s recap. 8-5 is not impressive but you also look at the circumstances of last season, 4th hardest schedule in the nation, 2 teams they lost to played in the NC ( 1 of which was a disgusting turn over party and the other is just freaking Bama) their loss to Nebraska was because their star player got hurt and they had no one to go to (that’s what happens when you build a team around someone) and OSU only beat them by 5 because of only 2 second half field goals. Their D did the job but that ever so prolific O only put up 6 points in the 2nd. Now OSU let’s not forget Purdue… and Michigan was a few min away fr being mediocre? What about IU, how does that speak volumes of a D that has now lost majority if not all of their front 7? OSU is not Alabama, they must rebuild not reload. It’s a whole new year, expectations are high for every team. No one will know what the outcome will be, just don’t be so eager to say Blue is terrible. Don’t forget about their amazing recruiting in the trenches and if you don’t know, Frank Clark 6’3 270ish D END ran a 4.5 40, how’s that going to feel coming off of the edges? Brace yourself Miller, another hit like last years surly could have good night written all over it.