Rounding up reaction to 2014 Big Ten schedules

The Big Ten released its 2014 Big Ten conference schedule on Thursday, incorporating Rutgers and Maryland into the family. There were some interesting scheduling quirks.

So, let’s start daily links right there with some reactions from across the league from the reporters who cover it.

Iowa: Check out this video of Andrew Logue of the Des Moines Register discussing Iowa’s very favorable schedule.

No team may have a softer schedule in 2014. No Ohio State, no Michigan, no Penn State, no Michigan State. Merry Christmas, Hawkeyes! The only thing missing is a game with Rutgers.

Michigan: The Wolverines will play at Michigan State in back-to-back seasons (2013-14) for the first time ever. And the Wolverines also play at Ohio State in 2014.

Nebraska: The absence of Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State — which have combined for four national titles and half of the Big Ten’s Rose Bowl appearances in the past 30 years — will be a change from the Cornhuskers’ first two years in the league, when all three appeared on the slate. But as Dirk Chatelain of the Omaha World-Herald points out, the Huskers schedule isn’t that easy. And, if it wants to toughen up things, beef up the non-con schedule.

Michigan State: Buy season tickets with the likes of Michigan, Ohio State and Nebraska coming to East Lansing in 2014. But, unfortunately, the schedule flips in 2015. Ugh.

Minnesota: Brutal. Absolutely brutal. Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Nebraska. Jerry Kill is gonna earn his money.

Northwestern: It’s a mixed bag.

Here is a look at quirks of the 2014 Big Ten schedule with photos and captions. Pretty neat. Thanks,!

Worth noting: Newbies Rutgers and Maryland appeared to get treatment similar to what Nebraska received upon joining the Big Ten in 2011. The Scarlet Knights cross-division foes in 2014 are Nebraska and Wisconsin; Maryland got Iowa and Wisconsin. Rutgers will take on seven foes that had a 36-20 combined league record in 2012.


Some good news from Penn State: Bill O’Brien doesn’t expect any more transfers.

Players have until the start of the 2013 season on August 31 to still transfer and be immediately eligible. Ten players bolted before the start of last season.


John Beilein has a good idea here: All transfers should have to sit out a year, regardless of their situation.

It seems mid-major schools get raided by schools from power conferences, which seem to swoop in and take fifth-year seniors who are then immediately eligible. Instead, make them sit out if they wanna switch, just like other transfers have to do. That’ll put an end to the talent drain on the “little guy.”


Count Kansas’ Jeff Withey among those who is surprised Michigan’s Mitch McGary didn’t turn pro. The duo battled in the Sweet 16 last season. Withey no doubt was impressed like all of us.

“He’s a great hustle player, a great energy guy and he’s going to do really well next year,” Withey said at the NBA Combine. “I’m surprised that he didn’t go to the NBA. What surprised me is he’s a smaller guy but he plays bigger than what he is.”


Here is some video from the Chicago Tribune of Illinois’ Brandon Paul talking about making the jump to the NBA.



My take: Yes, but the sellout streak will continue.

My take: Yes.

My take: Good to see Michigan will deal with—and not whine—about going to Michigan State in consecutive years. Other schools have had similar situations recently.

My take: Kid is gonna be a great pro.

My take: Mbakwe is correct about Michigan. I, too, was a bit surprised that McGary didn’t bolt. But, I’m glad he stayed—for at least one more year.

My take: So, Trey Burke isn’t looking at a Toyota Prius or Ford Focus? I am shocked.

My take: Just brutal.

My take: A weird schedule for Ohio State.

My take: It’s good to be the Badgers.

My take: Can you say “fast start”? Sure you can!

My take: There is no uglier trophy in the Big Ten. Am I right?

My take: This is bizarre.


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Common Sense on 5/17/2013 @ 3:51pm EDT Said:

with an overall winning record in EL, Michigan will be just fine the next 2 years playing there. Hoke was able to out-coach Dantonio last year with a QB that was a great athlete but could barely throw. Michigan manhandles Pro Style offenses like MSU’s these days, and will soon find a way to contain spread offenses as well. our 3 major rivals are losing their grip on us. Hoke already beaten all of them in just his first 2 years and none have conquered the Big House yet

Doug on 5/17/2013 @ 6:48pm EDT Said:

Hey Dhani, Michigan squeaked out a 2 point win AT HOME against the worst offense in the big ten, that isn’t being outcoached. What’s being outcoached is what Dantonio did the Hoke the season before. Michigan manhandles pro style offenses? I’ll ask Bama about that….

Josh on 5/18/2013 @ 2:59pm EDT Said:

And you say nothing about MSU’s nationally top 10 defense… Keep in mind Michigan had no running game last year, which made their offense below average as well. That being said, the one in 2011 was closer than the final score indicated, but Hoke did get outcoached. Regardless, MSU was supposed to be better than Michigan that season since it was Hoke’s first season. You better hope MSU’s 2-5 home record from last season doesn’t carry over…

Also, MSU got beaten more badly by a worse Bama team two seasons before…

Doug on 5/18/2013 @ 6:15pm EDT Said:

a worse alabama team? Bama blew a 4 TD lead to cam newton, who won the heisman, or bama would have won another national title, and that msu team got screwed over anyways, the whole world knows that. michigan had no running game wasn’t msu’s fault. MSU went undefeated the prior 2 seasons at home before last year, i’m hoping that starts up again !

Common Sense on 5/18/2013 @ 7:33pm EDT Said:

Doug why don’t you buy yourself some Michigan gear you seem to beady to jump on my bandwagon lil bro

Joseph on 5/19/2013 @ 2:10am EDT Said:

@Common Sense:
If winning 8 of 9 is “losing a grip”, i’d love to see what your definition of dominance is. Hoke beat an Ohio State team coached by Luke Fickell. In case you haven’t noticed, Urban Meyer is not Luke Fickell.

Doug on 5/19/2013 @ 11:36am EDT Said:

hey Dhani, why don’t you buy some MSU gear, I know you’re mad they turned you down, so you settled for Michigan, and you still couldn’t even graduate ! Michigan’s only win over OSU and MSU lately were last second miracles at home when both those teams were down, things aren’t as great as you seem to think they are, order will be restored shortly