Saturday's catch of the day: Mueller or Edwards?

Saturday’s Big Ten softball tournament semifinals featured a pair of highlight catches. The first one came in the first game, when Wisconsin third baseman Michelle Mueller battled the sun, wind and fence down the left-field line to make the grab; the second one happened in the second game, when Nebraska catcher Taylor Edwards went to her knees to record the out near the backstop. Which catch was better? Watch both here and vote in this post.

Mueller battles elements, fence for grab in foul territory:

Edwards runs it down behind home plate:

Now that you’ve seen both, vote for the best catch!


Your Opinion?
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Richard Oppliger on 5/11/2013 @ 8:15pm EDT Said:

There is only one choice here Michelle Mueller hit the wall then catches the ball bent over the wall. then you got Taylor Edwards makes a every day catch and then kind of slides into the wall come on.

carly on 5/12/2013 @ 1:17pm EDT Said:

you dont know how had Taylor Edwards catch was to make untill you are a catcher your self. good job girl.