Dennis Dodd picks Ohio State to win BCS title



Nobody needs to reminded of the fact the SEC has won the last seven BCS titles. One national expert thinks that run ends this season, and at the hands of Big Ten favorite Ohio State.’s Dennis Dodd made the bold prediction in his post-spring Top 25.

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Dodd likes the Buckeyes in 2013 for many reasons, all of which can be read below:

The Buckeyes are favored for now mostly because of what they don’t have to do. They don’t have to play an SEC schedule — unlike Texas A&M, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. That makes a second consecutive undefeated season more likely. The Bucks believed they deserved a spot against Alabama a few months ago.

Their 12-game winning streak is the longest in the country. Their coach is a wily, motivational top-five tactician. A defense that was holding on for dear life at times last season is stronger.

Another reason to like Ohio State, according to Dodd: It “is motivated after being shut out of a bowl in 2012.”

Tough to argue with that. Unfortunately, Dodd’s prospects for the rest of the Big Ten aren’t so favorable. He only has two other teams ranked in his top 25, and they’re near the bottom: Northwestern (No. 20) and Nebraska (No. 23).

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Delmar Jones on 5/8/2013 @ 4:58pm EDT Said:

I’m in complete agreement with Mr. Dodd’s,the Big Ten being as weak as it is the Buckeyes should and probably will run the table again. Yes it’s very likely that Ohio State will be in the National title game and it won’t matter who they play the Crystal Football will wine up in Columbus. GO BUCKS

Mark Peshaba on 5/8/2013 @ 5:27pm EDT Said:

Agree also, the B1G conference again lacked luster on the recruiting trail. You would think while Hoke and Meyer stepping things up the rest of the conference would follow suit? Maybe some programs need to start thinking of a change at head coach? Its not a lie, the sec is dominate. And yea I’m a B1G conference guy.

    Delmar Jones on 5/9/2013 @ 11:15am EDT Said:

    The Big ten coaches with the exception of Meyer and Hoke are stuck in the mud. Michigan St. coach has lose repeatedly and they still hold on to him . The conference will soon be like it use to be,the Big two and the rest. Northwestern and Nebraska should be better and that’s about it. It seem as though many of the Big Ten school want to play old time football and kids now days like the up tempo game more. High school football is different now days and the Big ten needs get in sink with whats going on.

Josh on 5/9/2013 @ 11:20am EDT Said:

Other than Alabama and LSU, the rest of the SEC is about .500 against other power conferences. They do keep winning the title, but the win-loss records don’t support all the hype that is garnered by ESPN. It’s not like ESPN has a financial stake in hyping them or anything…. oh wait, yes they do.

shookwriter27 on 5/9/2013 @ 2:05pm EDT Said:

I think the Buckeyes have a great shot to win it all.

Doug on 5/9/2013 @ 4:25pm EDT Said:

Hey Delmar, MSU just had back to back 11 win seasons, and hasn’t been on probation like OSU has, Meyer will have them back on in a year or 2, learn some football. Saying Hoke is a better coach than Dantonio, you lose all credibility