Clothes Call: Grading this year's alternate uniforms

The 2012-13 hoops season now complete, it’s time to look back at all of the alternate/throwback uniforms Big Ten teams wore during the successful campaign. By my count, there were 13 new special looks, four of which came from NCAA runner-up Michigan.

See all of the uniforms and get my grades for each one in the gallery in this post. Did I miss one? Leave it in the comment box below or send it to me on Twitter (@BTNBrentYarina).

To see the grades, click on any image and it appears in the text portion at the bottom of the photo.

About Brent Yarina web editor Brent Yarina covers football and men’s basketball for He writes the popular uniform feature “Clothes Call,” which also focuses on the latest cosmetic changes across Big Ten arenas and stadiums. Read all of his work here. You can subscribe to Yarina’s RSS feed and follow him on Twitter @BTNBrentYarina.

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enickens34 on 2/26/2013 @ 5:50pm EDT Said:

Notice IU still looks great in the same throwback uniform of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s! Candystripes and all! Go Hoosiers!

Doug on 2/27/2013 @ 11:33am EDT Said:

My God those bright yellow Michigan jerseys are awful, but the shoes that go with them are worse !

Reality Check on 4/9/2013 @ 12:31pm EDT Said:

Have to disagree with you there Doug, I have one of those hanging up in my office for everyone to look at and I am pretty proud of it. You were pretty rough on Larry there today my Spartan friend.

Reality Check on 4/9/2013 @ 12:46pm EDT Said:

I really think he should have been allowed to attend the game last night, it would have inspired the team.
OAKDALE, La. – The last (and only) point guard to lead the University of Michigan to a national championship sits behind the high fences and razor wire of the federal correctional institution here, a joyless expanse of turf carved out of the woods in the rural flatlands of central Louisiana.
Rumeal Robinson will spend this weekend, like every weekend these days, in the humble Rapides 1 housing unit, watching college hoops on TV.

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