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Delmar Jones on 3/29/2013 @ 4:21pm EDT Said:

Mich. State has to have good guard play and limit their turn overs . Also they can’t do dumb stuff which they seem to do from time to time. Nix could be a real problem for Duke, but he got to play under control. Payne shouldn’t have any trouble with Kelly as a matter of fact he should present a problem for Kelly. Harris can guard Curry and if Appling does his job Mich. State can win this game.

Reality check on 3/29/2013 @ 8:27pm EDT Said:

Michigan is the best team in the state Delmar

    Delmar Jones on 3/30/2013 @ 11:51am EDT Said:

    Never said that they weren’t, If you looked at my comment was just saying what Micnigan State needed to do to win. There’s know doubt that Michigan is the best of the two teams.Go Big Ten

Reality Check on 3/30/2013 @ 1:54am EDT Said:

Unfortunately SOS reared its ugly head tonight. Sparty realizing that he did not belong on this stage froze like a deer in the headlights. But now that the Guard had changed perhaps it is for the best. The two teams ordained by the laws of finance to dominate Michigan and Ohio State remain in the Final Four. America has longed for the return of the Big Two and the Little 8 for over 20 years now. With Urban Meyer soon only these two schools will be in the BCS and the Final Four. Once our Spartan friends like Doug realize this they can become proud Wolverine Supporters. It is ok to cheer for your Spartans during the regular season just as the Broncos and Chipps cheer for their local colleges. But when it comes time to represent the State on a National level than it is time for everyone to back the Wolverines. So Doug and all my Spartan friends go down to the mall buy some Wolvering hats and shirts and start wearing them. Identify with the Wolverines now they are your team. Now that Michigan State has moved off of the National Stage support the Wolverines. Lets all unite behind the one big time team in the State that can compete with the Dukes of this world.