Video: Keith Appling posterizes Melsahn Basabe

Michigan State’s Keith Appling must be sick of hearing about how great teammates Branden Dawson and Adreian Payne are at dunking, because the point guard threw down his second ridiculous jam in as many games Friday night. Last week, it was this powerful beauty. Appling’s latest dunk may have been even better, as he drove the lane, again, and, this time, posertized Iowa’s Melsahn Basbabe. Watch the dunk here and see Twitter reaction to it in this post.

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Here’s a photo of Appling’s jam:

Keith Appling

And the Twitter reaction to the dunk:

Appling joins the BTN set:

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David R. Morris on 3/15/2013 @ 11:16pm EDT Said:

Talk all you want about dunk, It still took 8 men to beat Iowa in the final 5 mins. Three of them wore Stripped Shirts!

Doug on 3/15/2013 @ 11:29pm EDT Said:

Poor David, he forgets the refs helped Iowa out to that 13 point lead in the first place !

Jeff Young on 3/15/2013 @ 11:44pm EDT Said:

Definitely not decided by the refs as there were poor calls both ways!

Bob Knight on 3/15/2013 @ 11:56pm EDT Said:

Teddy V at his best

Scott on 3/16/2013 @ 12:04am EDT Said:

Doug and Jeff you are talking about make up calls, it will take the refs 3+ decades of make up calls favoring the Hawks to make up for all the terrible officiating in all games (BB and FB).

Scott on 3/16/2013 @ 12:06am EDT Said:

FYI, that Appling dunk was one sick.🙂

Chad Burke on 3/16/2013 @ 12:52am EDT Said:

I can dunk like that too when I push myself up off a guy’s shoulder. Big 10 teams are gonna pay through the nose for the overly physical play the refs let them get away with this year. Btw, Marble was clearly fouled on two three point attempts with no calls, but when White tickled Harris’ wrist he got three shots. Nix hooked every time he touched the ball, and the Basabe foul on the missed lob was a joke. First half was alright other than the blatant shot clock violation that went uncalled. I am biased, but the refs handed that game back to MSU starting with about 8 minutes to go.

Doug on 3/16/2013 @ 8:16am EDT Said:

Exactly Jeff, David should be mad at his team for turning it over 5 times at the end of the game !

Doug on 3/16/2013 @ 12:19pm EDT Said:

Poor Chad, wants to blame the refs, when his own team turned it over 19 times and his coach was clearly outcoached at the end. I do wish Iowa luck in the NIT.