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Reality check on 3/15/2013 @ 9:17pm EDT Said:

Delusional Doug meets his end tonight SOS rears its ugly head and little brother Doug’s cries in his beer

Doug on 3/15/2013 @ 9:31pm EDT Said:

Hey Mark, nice game today for Michigan ! LOL !!!!! And your post made absolutely no sense, are you done crying after watching Michigan choke again ?

J Town on 3/15/2013 @ 10:09pm EDT Said:

Why are most of the highlights of Michigan State scoring when Iowa is leading 30 to 20??? staff on 3/15/2013 @ 10:13pm EDT Said:

    Fair question. We’ll have the full wrap tonight with highlights from both teams – but in the game we pick the big plays that recent history suggest people tend to want to see. We’ve done it all year. More to come.

Paul on 3/15/2013 @ 10:39pm EDT Said:

Is gus jphnson on the michigan state payroll. He gets so excited whenever they do something, Almost like he wants them to win.

Hawk Fan! on 3/15/2013 @ 10:39pm EDT Said:

Sounds like a Michigan fan calling the game. Got to wonder if Iowa was behind, if the perfect combination piece would have been focused on Iowa…..NOT! I can’t stand biased sports casters. Thank God we can turn the volume down and listen to some Iowa fans call the game on the radio!!!!

Kristi on 3/15/2013 @ 10:41pm EDT Said:

Last three minutes seems like both the refs and the BTN announcers are pulling for MS.

Kim on 3/15/2013 @ 10:46pm EDT Said:

the announcer could get excited about iowa too

Kim on 3/15/2013 @ 10:50pm EDT Said:

what happened to the first comment i sent, cant answer it, GO IOWA

Paul on 3/15/2013 @ 10:51pm EDT Said:

these refs are awful

Kim on 3/15/2013 @ 10:55pm EDT Said:

the announer got his way!!!!!!!

Paul on 3/15/2013 @ 10:57pm EDT Said:

there was more contact on marbles shot than the foul that was when white was called for on msu’s last possession.

jason on 3/15/2013 @ 11:01pm EDT Said:

iowa got screwed…. wow…..

Kim on 3/15/2013 @ 11:03pm EDT Said:

BTN and announcer refs were paid off

Doug on 3/15/2013 @ 11:05pm EDT Said:

OMG hawkeye fans ! Gus was all over Iowa the whole game, and Valentine gave you every call, and you still lost because of turnovers ! Geez ! Hey Mark start crying !

Doug on 3/15/2013 @ 11:07pm EDT Said:

The hawkeyes lost cause they choked, plain and simple ! Iowa deserves the NIT, I actually hope they do well in it !

karina on 3/15/2013 @ 11:08pm EDT Said:

I’m not even an Iowa fan and that was badddddddd!

James Wooldridge on 3/15/2013 @ 11:11pm EDT Said:

How can you have an Iowa dunk, MSU player slam his hand against the back board, and call it a block? Theese officials where junior high recreation center trained at best.

Chad on 3/15/2013 @ 11:13pm EDT Said:

Worst officiated game of the year! Calls touch fouls on Iowa & when the hawks get fouled hard, no call & announcers say Refs are letting them play. Game was determined by refs, so sad considering how hard they fought!

Justin on 3/15/2013 @ 11:13pm EDT Said:

What a pathetic game the Big Ten got what they wanted they got all top seeds in the semifinals. It wasn’t consistently call game down the stretch.

Reality check on 3/15/2013 @ 11:15pm EDT Said:

Doug curse you Spartans, you were supposed to lose tonight curse you Doug You ruined my life go post on ESPN Doug leaves alone for the love of God I don’t want to see or hear your name Doug

ryan on 3/15/2013 @ 11:22pm EDT Said:

i hope michigan state enjoys winning when the refs are OBVIOUSLY calling the end of the game for them and basically making up calls against iowa when the same kind of contact is made at the other end…….. a good question for the big ten in general, do they want certain teams to win… after friday night, i think so……

Doug on 3/15/2013 @ 11:33pm EDT Said:

Hey Mark, enjoy watching msu go further than michigan…again ! funny all the iowa fans blaming the refs when the refs helped them to that 13 point lead. maybe you should blame 5 iowa turnovers to end the game !

jason on 3/15/2013 @ 11:52pm EDT Said:

The Big Ten has an agenda. Too bad…. it could have been a good game.

Ken on 3/16/2013 @ 12:48am EDT Said:

The BI0 needs Iowa to be in the NIT. ESPN money and B10 exposure.

Blake on 3/16/2013 @ 4:24am EDT Said:

This was just like the rip off in the NE Penn State fb game. It was obvious who you wanted to win and the refs stepped in and denied Iowa from winning. I say we get out of the Big Ten. It is too corrupt and I’m sick and tired of BTN. As far as the dunk goes its not impressive when you have to use the defender as leverage. And the announcer this is to you… Find something you are good at like maybe you could have your very own radio station that is right up your ally…hating Iowa.

Bradd on 3/16/2013 @ 9:35am EDT Said:

This game was worse than the Kansas, Iowa State game a couple weeks ago. I see the player with the ball pushing off all season to get an advantage, this is the second time all year I have seen it called. And yes Marple did get mugged on the 3 point shot.

Jefferson on 3/16/2013 @ 9:59am EDT Said:

Doug, get your eyes checked!!!

Jake on 3/16/2013 @ 11:17am EDT Said:

Iowa had too many turnovers, etc., etc., etc. The officiating was the worst in the Big Ten all year! An obvious shot clock violation followed by a tip-in that should have been waived off for State. Marble is knocked to the floor by Nix on a 3 point attempt & no call. Marble drives to the basket and gets hacked on the arm, no call. Marble is then called for a reach in foul and the replay showed no contact. Nix travels and McCabe is called for a foul & Nix gets an “and one”. State had a great 22-2 run but Iowa could not overcome the brutal officiating AND State’s run. The announcers made NO COMMENTS about it and as viewers we should expect better! This will cost Iowa a spot in the NCAA’s and the officials should be publicly reprimanded by the league office. SHAME on the officials for impacting the outcome of a tremendous game and robbing Iowa’s young team of a spot in the NCAA’s they earned. GO HAWKS!

Why? on 3/16/2013 @ 11:25am EDT Said:

I’m sorry, but as soon as it was announced that Teddy Valentine was one of the officials I knew somehow someone would get screwed in the end. Valentine cannot just make a simple call when he blows his whistle, it is always followed by some of his theatrics. I don’t feel sorry for Iowa, I feel sorry for the other two officials that have to work with Valentine on any given night. It’s too bad that the attention that should be given to the talented young men for both teams has to be given to someone in a striped shirt. As for the 13 point lead built by Iowa. That was a result of desire and great play by Iowa, and MSU not getting away with their crappy “physical” play. Then the “TEDDY TAKEOVER”.

Doug on 3/16/2013 @ 12:34pm EDT Said:

Jefferson, i have 20/20 vision, and you along with your hawkeye brethren sound like michigan fans. Take responsibility for the 19 turnovers and running a prevent offense which cost you the game. I haven’t heard one Iowa player complain about the refs, it’s been the fans, so you guys have to quit crying

teresa on 3/16/2013 @ 1:09pm EDT Said:

Iowa should call for an investigation.officials were paid off.

glenda on 3/16/2013 @ 2:07pm EDT Said:

I am a Hawkeye fan living in MI and I watch BTN, but it seems that MOST of the sports stories are all about the eastern part of the conference. I agree that the commentators simply have nothing positive to say about Iowa most of the time. It’s all about MSU, UM, OSU, IU, and UW. The Hawkeyes have a GOOD team in many ways, but it is seldom recognized. Maybe next year they will HAVE to acknowledge them!

Why? on 3/16/2013 @ 3:39pm EDT Said:

Watching the Wisconsin/Indiana game now. MSU would not last in this game with these officials. They are calling it tight, as it should always be done. Not based on a teams reputation. I’m sure MSU players and coaching staff would be “crying” too if the game was called the way it should be.

Doug on 3/16/2013 @ 4:06pm EDT Said:

hey Why? this isn’t the girl’s league, I’d rather see physical play than touch fouls called every 5 seconds, but keep blaming the refs.

Why? on 3/16/2013 @ 5:13pm EDT Said:

I thought you would say that. Blinded just like Valentine. There is a big difference between playing physical basketball and fundamental basketball. I’d rather see fundamental basketball like James Naismith intended rather than that garbage. Not blaming the refs, just Valentine. Oh, by the way Valentine doing MSU/OSU game. Surprise, surprise. OSU has no chance once Teddy takes over.

Leroy Lungvomit on 3/16/2013 @ 5:15pm EDT Said:

I would like to watch minutes 30-35 from that game again. 85% of close calls went to MSU. And I can’t figure out how Nix can get away with throwing around his big body and NEVER get called for an offensive foul.