Four top seeds advance to semifinals

Tonight’s Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament finale was thriller as No. 3 seed Michigan State rallied and then held off No. 6 Iowa. In the night’s first game, Ohio State defeated Nebraska. Earlier today, top seed Indiana dispatched Illinois and Wisconsin beat Michigan, 68-59. Watch “The Big Ten Finale” right now on BTN/BTN2Go as we’ll recap all of the day’s action.

Have you seen our amazing new live and in-depth tourney box scores? We track player speed, rebounding percentage, and secondary assists among other categories. Look back at every tourney game.

Also tonight,’s Tom Dienhart (@BTNTomDienhart), web editor Brent Yarina (@BTNBrentYarina), and Big Ten Geeks bloggers Josh Reed and Mike Portscheller (@bigtengeeks) delivered instant insights and analysis. Track their updates and others on BTN Connect, and and find tweet maps by school plus fan photos.

Earlier, Dienhart previews all of today’s games. Need Thursday’s recaps with video, stats, and more? Illinois edged Minnesota, Michigan handled Penn State, Nebraska dropped Purdue, and Iowa eliminated Northwestern.

Watch all postgame press conferences from the United Center live and for free via the Big Ten Digital Network. Use this menu of links below to go straight to your event:


Game 5: Post-Game Press Conferences
Game 6: Post-Game Press Conferences
Game 7: Post-Game Press Conferences
Game 8: Post-Game Press Conferences – 11 p.m. ET


Semifinals 1: Post-Game Press Conferences – 3:40 p.m. ET
Semifinals 2: Post-Game Press Conferences – 6:10 p.m. ET


Championship: Post-Game Press Conferences – 5:30 p.m. ET

Any news update relating to the tournament flow into our 2013 Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament section. Bookmark it and find all of our work there. Our popular tournament scoreboard section with scores and stats is here.


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josh on 3/15/2013 @ 6:53pm EDT Said:

this is the most confusing website ever, where do i go to watch my game? staff on 3/15/2013 @ 6:57pm EDT Said:


P. Larson on 3/15/2013 @ 11:09pm EDT Said:

Worst announcers, worst officiating I’ve seen all year. Iowa was hosed! plain and simple. Marble was fouled on the last three. Michigan St was hammering Iowa all night long. White’s block on Harris was legit and wasn’t a foul. But the officials were in the tank. Almost as bad as the Iowa State Kansas game earlier this year. It makes me wonder where do you get impartial officials? Not in the Big Ten or 12. Ridiculous. When officials take control of the winners and losers, it makes one wonder. Delaney clean up the officiating.

Bradd on 3/15/2013 @ 11:17pm EDT Said:

Does anyone else question what is going on with the officiating this year? After watching Marble get mugged on a 3 point shot, and another guard driving the basket and got his arms chopped with no call. It is getting hard to watch. Not a sour grapes Iowa fan, just see it happen game after game. Also getting tired of seeing some coaches complaining to the offficials for the whole game, and then seeing the players complaining to the officials, telling them they didn’t just do something. Anyone else?

Doug on 3/15/2013 @ 11:25pm EDT Said:

Wow P larson, surprised you feel that was since the officials and refs both helped iowa out to that 13 point lead.

Scott on 3/15/2013 @ 11:35pm EDT Said:

for us long time Iowa fans poor officiating should not come as a surprise. I’m not sure what iowa has ever done in the past to have all refs against the Hawks. I am tired of seeing Iowa getting hosed by officials especially in big games. All I ask for is a fair game, that is what makes sports great, the players deciding the outcome of games NOT THE OFFICIALS.