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Gary A. Engberg on 3/14/2013 @ 12:02pm EDT Said:

Never heard of Gus Morris before. Do you mean Shon Morris? staff on 3/14/2013 @ 12:11pm EDT Said:

    Good catch. Our mistake. Thanks.

Lincoln from Illinois on 3/14/2013 @ 12:59pm EDT Said:

Go ILLINI, thats defense, now close it out…

Jeff on 3/14/2013 @ 2:00pm EDT Said:

The announcers mikes are off and have been since 12:53pm, it is no 12:59pm

Gary A. Engberg on 3/14/2013 @ 2:07pm EDT Said:

Your sound on Direct TV has been brutal! No sound, constantly have to change to hear, and no sound at all! It’s not the T.V., every other station is perfect!

john anderson on 3/14/2013 @ 2:22pm EDT Said:

How many fouls did Minnesota have in the 2nd half?

Brian on 3/14/2013 @ 2:30pm EDT Said:

What’s wrong with the sound in the game winning shot video? Can barely hear Gus. And, aside from the Illini winning, that was the best part.

Kevin Lacey on 3/14/2013 @ 4:25pm EDT Said:

Now comes the MIGHTY HOOSIERS!!