Te'o effect: Denard asked about status at NFL Combine

It was obvious Manti Te’o would be asked about his fake girlfriend during last month’s NFL Combine. Other players faced the question, too, according to former Michigan star Denard Robinson. On Monday night’s “Football Report,” Mike Hall asked Robinson about the oddest questions he received at the Combine, and Robinson shared one about relationship status. Watch the exact question now.

Or you can read Robinson’s response right here: “They asked you, ‘Do you have a girlfriend, is it a real girlfriend, how long have you been dating?'”

Guess these NFL franchises can’t be too careful when it comes to doing a complete background/personality checks before investing millions in today’s athletes.

Still, this comes as a bit of a surprise.

Also, on Monday’s show, BTN.com senior writer Tom Dienhart talked spring football.

And Howard Griffith interviewed Bill O’Brien.

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Gary A. Engberg on 3/4/2013 @ 7:04pm EDT Said:

Losing a coach before spring practice isn’t going to sit well with Badger Nation. The rush to get a staff together isn’t easy, but Wisconsin isn’t Utah State. The only 4 Star players went elsewhere, so recruiting looks like a bust too. Stoops and OU should be ashamed of themselves. They must be learning from the SEC. Anderson is already having problems before spring practice. The Badgers will be lucky to be above 500! Being an alumni and letter winner this really sucks!! Gary A. Engberg UW ’72.

Doug on 3/5/2013 @ 10:18am EDT Said:

Gary, you think you’re in trouble, MSU lost their 2 best offensive players from a crappy offense, I can only hope the defense saves the day again.

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