Did You See This? Cody Zeller's hustle sequence

There’s no denying it, Cody Zeller struggled in No. 1 Indiana’s loss Tuesday at Minnesota. The sophomore also got off to a rough start in Saturday’s win over Iowa, but he opened the game aggressive and was rewarded for his hustle on an incredible first-half sequence. It all started on defense, where Zeller dived from behind to knock the ball loose, and then got up to his feet and hammered down a powerful dunk. Watch the sequence here.

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Zeller won’t soon forget the play, either, because he suffered a cut to his chin on his fall to the hardwood.

Oh, and what about Will Sheehey’s behind-the-back pass to set up Zeller’s flush? All around, this was a terrific play.

Zeller also had this dunk vs. Iowa:

And this one:


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Jeff Hoover on 3/2/2013 @ 8:36pm EDT Said:

Great effort by Zeller. Much better than against the Gophers!

Adam C. Berte on 3/2/2013 @ 8:45pm EDT Said:

Dear BTN,

You do realize that was a foul. Last I checked it is not legal to dive on the floor and tackle a player to the floor, inadvertently or not. Is it common practice to publicize getting away with violations?

Craig williams on 3/2/2013 @ 9:30pm EDT Said:

The Big Ten is a physical conference. That’s just the way it is. Great basketball.

Adam C. Berte on 3/2/2013 @ 9:57pm EDT Said:

LOL. No, that is not just the way it is. No, that is not great basketball. By your logic, all I’d need to do to play defense is dive at your feet, trip you up (forcing a turnover ideally) and then go play offense. How is that great basketball? LOL

Nick on 3/2/2013 @ 10:23pm EDT Said:

If a guy that didn’t play for Indiana did that it would be a foul. Big Ten officiating is pathetic. Indiana will lose early in the NCAA’s because they’re so used to having every call go their way.

Mark Renteria on 3/2/2013 @ 10:26pm EDT Said:

This was the worst officiated game I have ever seen in a Big Tem Game. An I have been around 48 years worth.

Z on 3/3/2013 @ 12:39am EDT Said:

That’s a joke it was NOT that bad. If Iowa would learn to slide their feet and keep their hands off of a man maybe there wouldn’t have been nearly as many fouls called.

Patrick on 3/3/2013 @ 8:39am EDT Said:

Dear Adam,

I would agree except for the new trend which allows a defender to block a shot and then slam into the shooter with his body (i.e. Mbakwe into Zeller). This appears to be no different as Zeller made contact with the ball first. Not a big fan myself but at least in this instance they were consistent.

Randy Savage on 3/3/2013 @ 9:03am EDT Said:

I would agree that his was one of the worst officiated game I have ever watched! The above highlight was clearly a foul yet it’s being tagged as a great plan! Regardless of how physical the Big Ten is rules are rules and officiating should not impact the game. 66 free throws is absurd for one game!

Hawkeyes: 17-24

Indiana: 29-42

Dave on 3/3/2013 @ 12:41pm EDT Said:

Horribly called game. No consistency in the officiating. They let them get away with things in the first half, like the above mentioned clip by Zeller, and called everything in the second half. The officiating was matched by announcers who praised the play and missed the foul. Fortunately, I could and did turn that off and listen to the radio.

Adam C. Berte on 3/3/2013 @ 1:55pm EDT Said:

This issue is what’s right, not what’s consistent. Consistent improper enforcement of the rules makes the scenario worse, not better.

Tom Kendrick on 3/3/2013 @ 2:59pm EDT Said:

This game between Iowa and Indiana bordered on fraud, as it became apparent after the first ten minutes which team was going to win. Apparently the officials were called over to the scoring table and informed that they were too obvious on their calls, including the Zeiler tackle and all his offense rebounds preceded by shoves in the back. If these same officials appear in the Big Ten tournament with Indiana on the floor, I would walk off the floor with my team and wait until these officials were replaced by an objective team. If you don’t believe that the calls were one-sided, look at the stats for the 1st 15 minutes of the 1st half and the 1st 5 minutes of the second halt for fouls called. Indiana is not that good defensively, or offensively with Zeiler consistently pushing in the back to get rebounds at both ends.

Z on 3/3/2013 @ 7:49pm EDT Said:

He got the ball first. Period. He didn’t overtake anyone elses space by doing so. The Iowa guy tripped after entering the space already occupied by Zeller. Since when has that ever in the history of basketball been a foul? Its called hustle, and if Iowa would ha e done more of it they wouldn’t have to whine about the calls.

royal on 3/3/2013 @ 8:36pm EDT Said:

How does a guy take the feet out from under the guy and then the opportunity to get a slam dunk. If that isn’t a foul when you knocked Iowas guard off his feet, then shouldn’t we call this football. Sad that basketball has become a game of theatrics and not one of good clean play. Oh by the way, how does a person take two steps with the ball and not dribble. As Cody did on the baseline on the next highlight. It was always taught for 60 years that I followed BB that you got one step and before the second foot hit the floor you have to shoot.
He traveled 15 ft in two steps and then went up for a slam, good grief what happened to college BB.

Richard Moulton on 3/4/2013 @ 4:22pm EDT Said:

this should be called “The Whiners’ Report.” You probably don’t understand soccer either.

Aaron on 3/4/2013 @ 5:12pm EDT Said:

He slid under Clemmons, what a joke to highlight this play.

Z on 3/4/2013 @ 5:43pm EDT Said:


Shane P on 3/4/2013 @ 5:45pm EDT Said:

Simply the greatest play you will ever see a 7 footer make! I came out of my chair on that play! He got ball clean. After that it is a loose ball situation and play on.

Adam C. Berte on 3/4/2013 @ 9:58pm EDT Said:

The only discussion here (I think) is about the play, at least certainly this was my intention. Not about the teams, players, or anything else that happened during the game. Indiana was the far superior team and won the game. I don’t think anyone is disputing Zeller’s hustle or skill either, he’s obviously a stud. As for the space argument, I suppose we can watch the same thing and see it differently. The fact that Zeller got the ball first on his dive really doesn’t matter with respect to whether it is a foul or not. It’s not a free for all just because its a loose ball. He did overtake Clemmons’ space once the ball was free, which is a foul. Think of a roll man on a pick and roll going to the basket (without the ball) and having the help defender take his legs out by diving in front of him. On a side note, tripping (inadvertent or not) has been a foul since 1891.

Z on 3/5/2013 @ 10:43am EDT Said:

Iowa guys loses it. Both players equally advance towards a loose ball that is not in anyone’s possession. I have never in my life seen a fall call in that situation, unless a player is intentionally using some part of their body to clear space in order to get to the ball first. In THIS situation, both players go for the same ball, Iowa guy ends up tripping. That is NOT a foul. Zeller is sliding strait ahead, towards the ball, not towards the Iowa at all. Why is this so hard for everyone to understand?

Z on 3/5/2013 @ 12:40pm EDT Said:

Tom that is the biggest joke I have ever heard. You must not watch many Indiana games. Zeller gets absolutely freaking hammered all game every game and hardly gets a fair call because of his size, whereas a player like Trey Burke gets a pinky finger laid on him and a foul is called. I was at the game, and there was MAYBE 1 time Zeller didn’t get called for an over the back, but it was because he was hustling and it was pretty much a 50/50 ball so they gave him the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand, I saw AT LEAST 3 instances where Iowa clearly shoved and caused the IU player to arch his back and there wasn’t a call. If you going to whine, at least be informed.

Z on 3/5/2013 @ 12:42pm EDT Said:

Also, I don’t think numbers lie when IU ranks in the top of offensive efficiency, which means they are making shots, not missing them and getting illegitimate rebounds. Idiot.

Danimal on 3/5/2013 @ 1:38pm EDT Said:

“It’s not a free for all just because its a loose ball.”

Have you watched college players when they go for a loose ball? Tune in tonight if Sheehy and Craft get the opportunity to avoid physical contact while going for a loose ball. That’s hilarious.

Shane P on 3/5/2013 @ 2:08pm EDT Said:

It clearly was NOT a foul. Happened right in front if the officials, none of whole blew the whistle. No foul. Clean strip, any contact happened in pursuit of the loose ball, play on. Fantastic play!

Adam C. Berte on 3/5/2013 @ 5:21pm EDT Said:

Just because its allowed, doesn’t mean its right. Its hard to see because its not right. We’ll agree to disagree, which is fine. Take it easy everyone.