Clothes Call: Short-sleeve jerseys coming to NCAA

When adidas, the official outfitter of the NBA, recently put the Golden State Warriors in a short-sleeve jersey, one knew it was only a matter of time before the company brought the design to the college game. According to, that time is the NCAA tournament.

Adidas, the site reports, will have a “handful” of teams rocking the short-sleeve jersey next month. The teams have yet to be announced.



Will a Big Ten team be included? Adidas outfits four Big Ten teams, three of which are sure to make the tournament – Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. Nebraska is the other, and it needs to win the Big Ten tournament to qualify for the NCAA tourney.

Of the quartet, Indiana is the lone one not to wear an alternate uniform this season. Michigan, Nebraska and Wisconsin all have sported the “Bleed Out” uniform, another design adidas first introduced in the NBA. The Wolverines and Huskers also have donned throwbacks.

For what it’s worth, reports Michigan officials said the team won’t wear short-sleeve jerseys and Indiana hasn’t heard from adidas on special jerseys.

That’s wonderful news. But, according to the picture below, short-sleeve jerseys aren’t the only new design adidas plans to introduce during the tournament.

Look at those Zubaz-inspired shorts! Kind of reminds me of a modern version of this.


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Nicholas Push on 2/28/2013 @ 1:59pm EDT Said:

Finally, a reason to be happy that Nebraska will once again miss the big dance! Please switch to Nike or another respectable outfitter! The Adidas gear is terrible.

aroznowski on 2/28/2013 @ 7:06pm EDT Said:

Adidas’s jerseys that were used by the NBA on Christmas Day and by some college basketball teams since and that featured a single color looked bad. Nike’s jerseys that put a huge logo on the front and moved the team’s name to the back where the player’s name should be looked bad. The jerseys from the tweet above have hit a new all-time low. They are absolutely hideous! If I were a fan of or a player for one of those teams, I would be embarrassed to be seen with something so ridiculously ugly. Someone ought to dig a pit somewhere, throw those jerseys in it, soak them in gasoline, and set them aflame.